Lots of activity…..

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Mostly sunny.  High 82

STEPS:  18,870!  (Includes line dancing and pickleball)
CLASSES:  2 line-dancing and 2 water aerobics

Activity #1 — My friend calls a day like this for me “day camp”  as I bounce from one class to another.

First my walk with Activity #2 …  There was a lot of Border Patrol activity on my walk.  I walked by 3 BP pickups as they rounded up about 8 undocumented men. They were less than 2 feet from me.    Interesting…..the undocumented were all wearing masks, but some of the BP were not!   Some people here say that the undocumented are bringing in diseases. Hum…..A friend jogs my same route, but the opposite way so we pass each other almost every day. This morning, he told me that he passed another group of about 10 and an entire school-bus full of undocumented.  A very busy day.  I need to research what the Immigration folks do with these people.  There are hundreds that are crossing just in our local area.  I have heard 3 theories:  1) that the government returns them to their home country; 2) that they are put in some kind of holding cell — it must be huge with all these people!  3) that the government does a “catch and release” letting them go after they are apprehended with instructions for them to return to court for a review.  If #3 is correct, then I wonder why they pay the coyotes a lot of money to sneak them over and why they hide and run.  If they want to be caught, why hide?  Such a complicated issue…

Speaking of Mexico, this Facebook memory popped up today.  It shows our strange route to go to Loreto, in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula 3 years ago.  Loreto is such a popular place among Canadians that there are direct flights from many Canadian cities to this small beach town.  We were visiting friends and family in Minnesota, so we flew to Winnipeg for a direct flight to Loreto.  We rented an Air B&B and had a lovely time.  We would like to return one day.

Our flower pot that I placed on the ugly electricity transformer is doing well.  The idea is to get the flowers to cascade to sort of hide the transformer.

Activity #3 – In the afternoon, a friend who is also a beginner at pickleball and I went up to the courts to practice.  I do much better when I am not under pressure with the expert players.

The vegetable truck made its weekly visit to our village.  I was glad as I was about all out of veg.  We bought Napa cabbage, onions, peppers, green beans, and broccoli. 

DINNER:  Salad made out of Napa cabbage, tomatoes, and avocado.  Main course was spinach spaghetti and home-made spaghetti sauce, compliments of our nice neighbor. 

BOOK:  “The Warmth of Other Suns” by Isabel Wilkerson.  This non-fiction book is a result of about 10,000 interviews the author conducted with Blacks who fled the Jim Crow South in the 1900s.  It chronicles the lives of 3 families.  This movement of thousands of Blacks to the North is called  the Great Migration.  More people should read this; it makes you realize how horribly Blacks have been treated and how they struggled to survive both in the South and in the North.  5 stars out of 5. 

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