Last of summer weather for awhile

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Cloudy but nice.  High 78

STEPS:  13,418 (includes an hour of pickleball)
CLASSES:  1 water aerobics

I am worried about the little dog I see every morning on my walk.  The farmer had not arrived yet this morning, as the gate was still locked, but there was no sign of the dog awaiting him.  I will keep you posted.

I was a bit better at pickleball this morning.  I play for about an hour, but the experts spend most of their mornings on the court.  I just don’t want to get frustrated, so I leave when I am still in good spirits. 

We were notified that there is a gas leak near the clubhouse so they have turned off the gas.  This means that the swimming pool heater is off.  The water was COLD!  A few of us braved the water and did just one class of water aerobics.  The hot tub was not hot, of course, so no comfort to be found there. 

A sad note today….We learned that Rueben, the man who built our shed,  died of complications from Covid.  He had had a virtual monopoly on building everyone’s sheds here in Retama Village, so everyone here knows him.    He was a wonderful man.  He and his wife had a large family.  Years ago, they learned of two babies that were up for adoption but no one wanted them.  The babies were brain-damaged, abandoned by drug-addicted parents.  Rueben and his wife adopted them and raised the two boys.  Rueben always brought them along on building projects.  They loved helping Reuben while listening to rock music at top volume.  He will be missed.

George harvested some more sugar snap peas this afternoon.  They are doing well….much better than our tomatoes.

We enjoyed happy hour on the driveway – martinis in our new Mexican glasses.  This will be the last day for awhile that we can do this, as a cold front is on its way tomorrow.

DINNER:  Thai fish curry.  I used Thai curry paste, lots of garlic and ginger, coconut milk,  and some trout that George had caught on one of his fishing trips.  I served it over soba.  It turned out quite well!  We sprinkled some of our fresh peas on top as a treat. 

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