The polar vortex has arrived!

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  COLD (at least for Texas).  Overcast and spitting rain most of the day.  High 42

STEPS:  I bundled up (a lot) and got in 10,116
CLASS:  1 chair yoga

The weather is the big topic today.  This photo was taken two days ago, after a sweaty pickleball game at 84 degrees:

And here I am today after a walk in the 38 degree weather….

Our Retama Village Facebook group is full of chatter about covering plants and pipes.  It is supposed to get even colder in the next few days.  Again, we feel so lucky that our daughter came when she did.  It would have been pretty miserable had she come this week.

In the afternoon, we hit the supermarket for 2 weeks or so worth of groceries.  Never a fun time!  Afterwards, we rewarded ourselves by checking out a new Argentinean restaurant.  It is a tiny bistro, with only 8 tables.  They feature Argentine beef and wine, thus the name “Wine Cow”.  It is very cozy.  When we stopped by around 4:00, we were about the only customers, but I think they fill up every night.  We had some Argentine empanadas and a glass of wine.  The menu is all in Spanish.  We’d like to return one day. 

DINNER:  I have made almost every main course recipe in Jacques Pepin’s book “Fast Food My Way”.  I am only missing a few recipes for which I will need to go to a specialty meat store to buy the ingredients.  Meanwhile, my new project is to cook all the recipes that I have torn out of magazines for years.  Do you have a stash, too? 

Tonight’s experiment was Tuscan Farro Stew.  I had bought some farro, an interesting grain, when we last went to Sprouts.  I thought tonight would be a good night for stew.  It is a yummy, warming vegan/vegetarian stew.  Shout out to daughter Alexis!  It turned out pretty well, and I foresee a lot of it as leftovers in George’s future lunches. 

BOOK:  “The Pull of the Stars” by Emma Donoghue is a novel about a midwife working with dying  patients in a special maternity ward in a  hospital in Dublin, Ireland during the Spanish flu.  My friend Jenny had recommended this to me, since there are parallels to today’s Covid.  I really enjoyed the book.  5 stars out of 5

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