Summer planning / wishing

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Cold (for here).  Overcast and some light rain.  High 39

STEPS:  I braved the elements and got in 11,892
CLASSES:  2 Line-dancing

The morning whizzed by, walking and doing line-dancing classes. 

While George was playing chess in the afternoon, I got out my travel reference books and started planning our summer road trip.  Alas, I can’t plan too much because of so many unknowns.  Will we be able to join our friends in Nova Scotia for one or two Canadian trips that we have planned?  Will we be going to France for our rescheduled (once already) canal boat trip?  (That will affect the return date of our trip). 

For planning, I use the internet of course and also this excellent Army Corps of Engineers Campground book. 

I hauled out my (well-used) atlas and started looking at routes.  I also listed a lot of fun and interesting Harvest Host locations along the way – mostly wineries, breweries, orchards, and farms.  Even a sausage shop! 

In any case, we plan to spend quite a bit of the summer in Michigan.  I belong to a Facebook group called Airstream Addicts, and had posed the question of interesting places and good campgrounds in Michigan.  I received great feedback and used that for planning.  I decided to lock in the 4th of July weekend in one of the recommended Michigan State Parks.  When I looked…..already full!  So, I tried a second one.  This campground had 1 site left for that time period, so I grabbed it.  If the Canada trip comes true, then I can cancel and  will lose  only $8.  While we are in that part of Michigan, we want to take the ferry to the Isle Royale National Park.  There is a lodge there where we will stay overnight.  We looked at the availability for the night we hoped to be there, and there was only one room left!  Again, we grabbed it and can get our money back if we reschedule for another date.  This is crazy!  I hate locking ourselves into places this far in advance, but it looks like we have to. 

A high point of the day was eating some fresh Texas oysters.  George shucked 9 for our happy hour…..

They were big, slimy, and delicious!!!!

DINNER:  Another vegetarian dish; another recipe from my big stack of recipes cut out from magazines over the years…

Pasta with Walnut Pesto and Peas.  It was quite tasty and different.  With a food processor (a recent acquisition for me), it was easy.  You make a pesto with walnuts, olive oil, peas, and parmesan cheese.  Add that to sauteed onions  for the sauce.  Toss with farfalle (bow-tie) pasta and more peas.  Sprinkle on additional parmesan to serve.

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