LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Sunny but COLD and windy.  High 36.  Most of the morning hovered around 21, with windchill, it was 8.   That is crazy for South Texas

STEPS:  10,341

I probably sound like I am whining, but it is indeed cold here.  The citrus crop is probably ruined for the year.  Lots of people are without electricity, and many homes (especially the poorer ones) are not well-insulated.  Here in Retama Village, people’s pipes are freezing.  We are all taking care of outdoor pipes at homes for people away from Retama Village right now. 

We had set the thermostat on 40 in Joy.  We heard the furnace kick in quite often during the night. 

We awoke to quite a bit of damage from the cold and overnight drizzle/freezing rain.  Our oleanders are not happy…

Joy was iced up.  We had to use the blow-dryer to get the door unfrozen..

Due to the cold, I planned to drive down to the clubhouse for yoga class.  The doors on the pickup were frozen shut, so I just walked.  The iron gate to the swimming pool/courtyard was frozen.  Another lady poured her hot coffee over it to get the latch to open.  The ficus in the courtyard were not too happy, either.

No one else showed up for yoga, so I just had to walk on home.  The village looks kind of creepy….Everyone has covered their plants with sheets, so it looks like ghosts are lying about.

A lot of people here in Retama Village volunteer at the nearby Cinderella Pet Rescue Center.  I think they operate on a shoe-string budget.  Before this cold wave, they put out a request for supplies to keep the dogs and cats warm.  People donated blankets, and even styrofoam coolers for the cats to sleep in.  Some of the dogs are in outdoor kennels.  They asked for people to volunteer to foster the dogs for a few days to keep them out of the cold.  Our neighbor agreed.  I told her I would help her walk the dog during her stay them,  so today we gave Kipsy a nice walk.  She is a sweet dog.

Since I was bundled up, I decided to take my daily walk.  I was pleased to get in my 10K steps.

The residents of the RV park next to us are without electricity.  The entire Rio Grande Valley is out of propane, too.  So, we announced to the RV park that they could come over to our clubhouse to keep warm and to sleep there, if they needed to. 

What a contrast….This Facebook memory came up today from 3 years ago when we were in Baja California (Mexico) with our beautiful daughter

DINNER:  Another bit of disappointment…..I made a recipe that I had seen Jamie Oliver make recently.  It is Morrocon Fish.  I think the sauce was just overpowering…..It included harissa, anchovies, tomato sauce, kalamata olives, saffron, and salted lemons.  I poached the fish in the thick sauce.  .  Sides were minted couscous and yogurt with harissa. 

The highlight of the evening was watching a Rick Steves “Monday Night Travel” podcast.  We have signed up for these for every Monday night.  Tonight’s show was about European foods.  Yum!

BOOK:  “The Book of Longings” by Sue Monk Kidd.  It was a great day for reading.  This is an interesting/unusual book about the fictional wife of Jesus, named Ana.  It is loosely based on the Bible, but humanizes the characters (Judas, Jesus, Mary).  4 stars out of 5

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