Continued cold…

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Another cold one.  High 39.  Most of the day in the 20s.  Overcast

STEPS:  16,842
CLASSES:  Chair yoga and 2 line-dancing

Three other ladies braced the cold and joined me for the classes this morning.  After classes, I stayed at the clubhouse to use the internet.  I spent about an hour trying to reserve a campsite in Michigan for this summer.  Reservations had just opened up for that particular campground this morning, and already most sites were full!  I was able to get a few nights, but not the entire stay we had hoped for.  Again, our plans are fluid.  If I have to cancel this (if we get to go to Canada), I will only lose $8 reservation fee. 

While I was at the clubhouse, people from the RV park next door (owned by the same company as Retama Village) started to straggle in.  They have been without electricity for a few days.  They are cold!  We have invited them to hang out in the clubhouse to keep warm.  Our First Responder team prepared soup for them.  All of us residents donated cans of soup, crackers, bowls, etc for them.  It is heartening to see how people come together.  People opened their coach houses, those with Murphy beds, for the RVers to stay overnight.  Electricity is out in much of Texas.  I don’t know why we are so lucky to continue having it.  They say this week is the coldest it has been in Texas for 100 years. 

We have not ventured out of Retama Village, but we hear horror stories about life outside……grocery stores and Walmarts closed up due to lack of electricity.  Barren shelves in stores that are open (another run on bread, milk, and  toilet paper!).  Gas stations not open as they don’t have power to pump gas.  Icy road conditions.  Long lines at propane stores.  Better to stay here until things warm up this weekend. 

When the temps hit 32 by early afternoon, I took my walk.  It is not too bad, except for the leg when I have to face the NW winds. 

After the walk, since I was bundled up, I took our neighbor’s foster dog Kypsie for a long walk.  I took her around Retama Village and looked at all the dead plants.  It is pretty sad-looking.  Some people have elaborate coverings for their plants – sheets, boxes, coolers.  It looks quite strange.

Then I took Kypsie to the dog park here in Retama Village to play with some other dogs.  She loved it.

We have a combination of migratory birds and local birds here right now.  In the past, we have never seen the beautiful green jays here in our neighborhood, but this year, they are all over the place.  They particularly like the food our backdoor neighbor puts out.  We enjoy watching them.  We kind of wonder why they don’t head farther south with this cold. 

DINNER:  I returned to Jacques…..his twist on the traditional South France fish stew called Bouillabaisse.  He substitues chicken thighs and sausage in this recipe.  It was a hearty meal for a cold night.  This one was a winner (after I’ve had some meal failures recently). 

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