Will this cold misery ever end?

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  High 45.  Overcast.  VERY windy

STEPS:  12,456.  Glad I got in my steps, but the wind was brutal.

I hope today is the last day I have to talk about the weather.  I know of people who have been without power for more than 4 days.  The situation continues to be dire.  The latest bad news is that sewage lines are backed up and people are getting sewage in their houses.  People have been told to boil water, but they can’t because they don’t have power.  Our community Facebook page is popping with people asking to borrow eggs, milk, bread, etc.  The store shelves are apparently barren.  People getting their Covid vaccines are having to stand in lines in the cold for 3+ hours.  What a disaster!  For some reason, we have been spared.  We have not lost power, and have a well-supplied pantry, refrigerator, and freezer.  ….and no sewage problems.

In nearby South Padre Island, they have had the biggest rescue roundup of turtles in history.  These turtles are suffering from cold shock, so volunteers have collected them from the beaches and are housing them temporarily in the convention center.

Meanwhile, the birds are going crazy.  I learned a new word….murmuration.  It is the word for the formations that birds make while swarming in the air.  We see a lot like this…

I walked the foster dog Kypsie again.  She is making friends in the neighborhood.  What a shame that no one has adopted her.  Don’t look at us!  We like the freedom to travel too much, and we can get our fix of caring for pets through TrustedHousesitters.com

We heard on TV that today is National Red Wine Day, so we invited several couples over for a glass before dinner.  Everyone was either sick, already busy, or in quarantine, so just the two of us enjoyed  a Syrah with some garlic/jalapeno-stuffed olives and Manchego cheese slices. 

DINNER:  I am in the section of Jacques Pepin’s book that describes very quick and easy light suppers.  Tonight I did his chorizo and cannelini bean soup.  He says it is great to fall back on when you need to just grab something out of the pantry.  You simply put a can of beans in the food processor.  After blending, add it to a pot with diced hard sausage, like Spanish chorizo (NOT Mexican chorizo which is something altogether different).  I jazzed it up with some garlic and onions.  Topped with croutons.  Side was carrots sauteed with wine and dill. 

BOOK:  “The Promise of Ankles” by Alexander McCall Smith.  This is part of his 44 Scotland Street series in which he delightfully describes the lives of people who live there on a street in Edinburgh, Scotland.  He is an excellent writer and I laugh out loud often while I am reading it.  5 stars out of 5 (if you are looking for something light). 

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