The end is in sight….

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  We might be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Mostly sunny.  High 50

STEPS:  11,959

I skipped chair yoga class in order to be at my computer at the stroke of 9:00 AM in order to reserve a camp site in Michigan where we want that to stay a few days.  I sat at the ready, and after 8:59, I pounced, and entered my reservation request.  So did a ton of other people, I guess.  By 9:01, the campground was completely booked for the month of July.  I managed to snag one night only.  They have rolling dates for these reservations, so tomorrow I will do the same for a different campground.  Ugh!

Meanwhile, a friend and I are trying to get a short camping trip organized to the Fredricksburg area, and another to Big Bend.  We are waiting for the weather, and for our second Covid vaccine shots. 

This little fella came to visit Retama Villlage today (a javelina).  He was quite the hit….

This says a lot about our Texas weather…

Many Texans are getting power back today, but broken/frozen water pipes and low water pressure are causing water issues all over the state.  We continue to be fine. 

I walked Kypsie for the last time.  Since tomorrow night is supposed to be above freezing, she will be returning to the pet rescue center. I hope that she can get adopted soon.   After walking her, I took my longer hike.  I had to start stripping off layers.  Hallelelulah! 

The flowers, shrubs,  and peas that are outside in our yard look pretty dead.  However, people say that we should just cut them way back and that some will come back.  The flowers and basil that I brought inside don’t look too happy, either.  They are missing the sunshine.  Maybe tomorrow….

DINNER:  I repeated a Jacques Pepin fish recipe, using some of the fish George caught in the Gulf several weeks ago. When I first made  it, I had to skip the hazelnut crumb crust as I couldn’t find hazelnuts.  Now that I have some, I made it with the nuts.  It realy made a difference.  Very good, and easy.  You just coat the fish filets in the hazelnut/bread crumb crust, and bake the at a low temperature.  Then, top the filets with a salsa/mayonnaise/sun-dried tomato sauce.  Sides were mashed potatoes and peas. 

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