Day #21 – On to Mississippi!

LOCATION:  Gulfport, Mississippi – on Gulf of Mexico
CAMPGROUND:  Buccaneer State Park.  Nice paved, level, long site.  Picnic table and stand-up grill.  Nice bathrooms.  Laundry on premises.  Huge park, and only about 1/2 full.  $28/night.  4 stars out of 5. 
WEATHER:  Hot and muggy in AM.  Cool front/rain in PM.

Check-out at St. Bernards State Park (near New Orleans) wasn’t until 1:00, so we took our time in the AM.  I did some laundry and took another great shower…It is always best to be prepared, as you don’t know what the next place will be like.  I did some more campground bookings for mid-April, after the Cajun Fest.  We will poke around Louisiana for awhile, then slowly make our way up, probably following the Great River Road (the Mississippi).  We don’t want to get to the Midwest too early – might still be too cold in May. 

After lunch, we left the scenery of Louisiana – like this beautiful canopy of oak trees over the road.

Being on the east side of New Orleans already, the drive today was easy and we did not have to go through any cities.  We have the GPS set for “avoid highways” so we were able to keep off the dreaded Interstate 10.  We were on a very bumpy 2-lane road for most of the trip.  We were actually on an island for a long way – Lake Pontchartrain on one side; the Gulf on the other.  There are a lot of beach houses on stilts.  They look so precarious and could be wiped out so easily in a hurricane. 

We got set up here where we will be for 2 nights.  The A/C struggled with the heat (85) and humidity.  We have only 30 amp, so only one A/C on.  Then, a front came in and you could just feel the temp dropping by the minute.  By evening, we switched to long pants and jackets. 

We have been on the road now for 3 weeks.  Wow – it has gone by quickly!  Here is our route so far….

We shared this bottle of beer that we have been saving/aging for about 3 years.  We bought it at a brewery in Grande Prairie, Alberta when we were visiting my aunt and uncle.  It is a braggot (whatever that is) barrel-aged in wine barrels.  Really good…

DINNER:  Since it was raining and blowing, our plans for tuna on the grill were out.  So, we blackened the tuna steaks in an iron skillet on the inside stove.  The Glanvilles made a nice salad and steamed cauliflower, and I contributed some fried rice as a side. 

We have good TV reception here, so we watched some travel shows on PBS. 

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