Day #23 – Fun night at a Mississippi brewery

LOCATION:  Ocean Springs, Mississippi
CAMPGROUND:  A Harvest Host site – Fort Bayou Brewing Company.  They have a large level, concrete parking lot.  Accommodates 7 large RVs, and we filled it up.  Easy to park and easy to find.  Good beer, entertainment, and food.  No street noise.   5 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Cool and sunny.  High 60

We enjoyed the morning at Buccaneer State Park, taking a hiking trail through the woods.  We saw paw prints of some large animal.  Later we saw what made the prints – a very big wildcat.  It looks like a mix of a domestic cat and some wild kind.  Very pretty.  Slinky as he moved through the forest.

Our drive was easy and short today, although we had to be on the dreaded Interstate 10 for a few miles, as the bridge was out on the alternate route.  For part of the trip, we followed the Gulf.  Very pretty beaches and nice homes. This is the view from the entrance to the state park….

We arrived at the brewery about 2:00 and just relaxed and walked around until it opened at 4:00.  We chatted with some of the other Harvest Host travelers. 

Then, inside to taste some of their beers.  George tried a few stouts; I did IPAs. 

We had a good time in their entertainment area – playing ping pong, pool, corn hole, and darts.

George bought a growler refill –  a chocolate/coffee stout and got a tour of the nano-brewery.

DINNER:  We ate in the brewery’s restaurant.  We shared an appetizer of an assortment of dips with crackers and chips.  Entree was blackened redfish.  Quite good!  The owner came around and chatted with us, making sure everything was A-OK. 

An early night as it will be cold – in the 30s.  George got out the portable propane heater so we will be all set in the morning. 

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