Day #26 – Westward ho!

LOCATION:  Mobile, Alabama
CAMPGROUND:  Meaher State Park.  What a contrast to last night’s RV park!  Spacious sites with pine trees.  Paved, level sites with full hook-ups.  Squeaky clean bathroom/showers.  Very very friendly camp host.  All sites are water-view; some are waterfront facing Mobile Bay.  $33/night.  Great wifi, phone, and TV (PBS) reception.  5 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Picture perfect.  High 76

While we were at the Navarre, Florida RV park, we were given 2 pages of rules to follow.   A bit harsh, but we were glad that there were quiet hours.  Indeed, we were pleasantly surprised that the people, including the screaming kids, adhered to the 10:00 PM quiet time.  Another rule was that we had to check-out by 11:00 AM, or else pay a $35/hour fine!  So, we skedaddled out of there about 10:30. 

This is the farthest we are going east on this trip.  Today, we started back west toward Louisiana, where we have booked the Cajun Fest. 

The drive was pretty and uneventful, except for some construction.  I hate having to change lanes or merge when one lane is closed.  People are very helpful, though, and often wave me through.

We stopped for lunch near the campground, as it was still a bit early to check in.  Joy fit nicely in the restaurant’s  parking lot..

It is a cute beachy oyster bar. 

We shared some blackened fish topped with a Creole sausage/shrimp sauce. Yum!   George had turnip greens on the side.  (Not so yummy – IMO)

We had had a glimpse of this campground 3 days ago, when we passed by on our way to Florida.  Due to some fraudulent activity on our credit card, we had arranged for new cards to be sent here.  When we called, the friendly host assured us that she would watch for the credit card and would keep the mail safe for us until we arrived.  So, since we were driving right by the campground last Saturday, we picked it up.  This same host greeted us when we arrived today, welcoming us back. 

We got set up and enjoyed the nice afternoon and peaceful surroundings.  George and Rob tried contacting several charter boat companies to try to arrange an outing later this week.  They are waiting for a call-back. 

DINNER:  With the Glanvilles, we went to another nearby seafood restaurant.  It was super crowded.  We ended up having the same fish dish as we had for lunch – a specialty in this area.  We watched the sun set across the bay from the restaurant’s patio…

We happily watched the new Ken Burns series about Hemingway on PBS

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