Day #27 – Battleship Park

LOCATION:  Near Mobile, Alabama
CAMPGROUND:  2nd night at Meaher State Park (It continues to live up to its 5-star rating)
WEATHER:  Absolutely perfect.  Sunny.  High 75

I took a nice walk around the campground.  While living in our tiny house over the winter, I was super conscientious and got in at least 11,000 steps per day.  Now that I am “on vacation”, I walk when I can, and when the weather is nice.  Today, I checked out the park’s boardwalk that goes out into the Delta.  Nice.

We toured the USS Drum (submarine) and USS Alabama (battleship) at the nearby Battleship Park.  First, a tour of the sub.  I can’t believe how people could live and work in such cramped quarters.  It was interesting…

Then, the huge battleship.  When it was at war, 2500 men worked aboard.  It was interesting to see the different levels of housing arrangements – quarters with bunks stacked from ceiling to floor for the low-level Marines; private rooms with desks and closets for the high-ranking ones.

We worked up an appetite on the tour, so stopped at another oyster bar/seafood restaurant “dive” near our campground.

George and I shared a dozen oysters (this is getting to be a habit), and shared an order of broiled crabcakes that were served atop fried green tomatoes.  Really really good. 

Back at the campground, George fished off the park’s pier while I did some laundry (at the park’s own laundry – another perk).  I sat at the picnic table and read a book in the sunshine, all with a view of the bay.  So peaceful.

DINNER:  It was the Glanvilles’ turn.  They grilled some steak and chicken.  Sides were steamed cauliflower and Brussels sprouts.  Very nice.

We hurried back to our Airstream to watch another episode of the Hemingway biography. 

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