Day #32 – Crawfish, crawfish everywhere!

LOCATION:  New Iberia, Louisiana at the Cajun Fest
CAMPGROUND:  4th night at Isle of Iberia RV Resort
WEATHER:  Another perfect day!  (We have been so lucky!)  Sunny.  High 79

Today was another full day of crawfish “stuff”.  Fun!  We took off toward a tour of a crawfish sorting plant with the idea that we would find a little shack along the way.  Alas, the 2 restaurants we stopped at were closed (probably due to the strong Catholicism here.)   We ended up at Cajun Claws, a fun place with lots of crawfish served many ways on the menu.

We shared a grilled crawfish po’boy.  It was great.  Sides were Louisiana-grown sweet potato fries.

Boiled crawfish is super popular at this restaurant.  We saw families with huge piles of the critters – either 3 or 5 pounds per person.  (George and I previously shared one pound and thought that was plenty! )  The restaurant  thoughtfully provides sinks so you can wash your hands after your messy meal.

We walked around to the back to the building where the crawfish sorting takes place.  First they are placed in a big bin to wash thoroughly.  Then, they flow down a big machine that divides them into 4 sizes.  Men along the way do quality control to make sure they get in the proper bag.

Each bag represents a different size.  The biggest go to restaurants to be boiled and peeled by patrons. Others go to plants where they are shelled.  The smallest ones end up in dishes like etouffee. 

Some of the little critters tried to escape!

We talked with the owner/distributor (the guy who was badmouthed yesterday by the farmer).  He said that the crawfish industry here has saved farmers’ lives.  Previously they barely made it planting just rice and soybeans.  Now with crawfish, their standard of living has gone way up.  Just in this area, more than 150 million pounds of crawfish are raised.  Outside the building that we toured were rows and rows of refrigerated trucks prepared to take these critters away. 

Back at the RV park, George happily watched the end of the Masters Golf Tournament.

DINNER:  Another community dinner.  Tonight was jambalaya.  I’ve had better before, but this was pretty good with sausage and chicken. 

After dinner was another Cajun band playing music on the swimming pool deck from 7:00 – 9:00.  Pretty good for dancing.  Very good for toe-tapping!

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