Day #36. Rain, rain….go away!

LOCATION:  On the north shore of New Orleans’ Lake Ponchartrain
CAMPGROUND:  3rd night at Fairview-Riverside State Park
WEATHER:  RAIN!  Finally nice in late PM

I don’t think I have ever been in a thunderstorm that lasted as long as the one last night.  It absolutely poured all night with thunder and lightening crashing all around.  It lasted at least 12 hours.  Normally, the rain noise on the Airstream is very pleasant – creating a nice, cozy atmosphere inside.  This time, however, it was so loud that we could not hear each other speak.  And, it went on and on….

To make matters worse, we awoke to find a puddle on the floor.  We have had this issue once before in another hard rain.  Rain is coming in somewhere behind the refrigerator, and then seeps out under the refrigerator into the kitchen area.  We sopped it all up and turned the space heater on to dry the floor.  Very concerning….

When the rain let up a bit, I walked over to the closed “wet” side of the campground.

This is the site we were supposed to have… And – this photo was taken AFTER the water had receded…

The speed limit and “no parking” signs were under water…

What does one do when the weather is miserable?  Go to a brewery, of course!!!  We checked out Abita, the largest and oldest one in Louisiana.  I tried one of their experimental beers – a double-hopped IPA, and George had a Dunkel. 

From there, we went to their restaurant which used to be their brewery before they outgrew it.  We shared a portobello sandwich, which was very nice.

Back at the campground, the sun came out.  YAY!  We scrounged some firewood that another camper had abandoned and George made one of his good fires….after the wood had a chance to dry out.

We partially hooked up so that we wouldn’t have to do it in tomorrow’s predicted rain (big sigh here!) 

DINNER:  I re-purposed some frozen fried chicken – adding sauteed onions, mushrooms, and squash – to make a chicken curry sauce.  I served it over couscous. 

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