Day #37: Rain – Enough already!!!

LOCATION:  In Northeast Louisiana, not far from the Mississippi.  South of Vicksburg, MS
CAMPGROUND:  Lake Bruin State Park.  Nice sites; some right on the lake.  Full hook-ups.  Beautiful bathrooms.  Very spacious.  Fire pit and stand-up stove.  Picnic table.  Wifi.  $18/night.  5 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Yuck.  Another day of rain, all day.  Cooler.  High 62

To the blog reader who recommended Fairview-Riverside State Park……Don’t feel bad that you recommended the park – it is a beautiful park, one of the nicest we have stayed at.  We just were unlucky with the weather.  Maybe next time!

It rained several hours again during the night, quite hard, and we were saddened to find another puddle of water in the kitchen area.  This time it was deeper and biggger.  I had to take out all the stuff in the cupboards under the seats as the area was flooded.  We called the Airstream factory to schedule a repair date.  The first available is the end of August!!!  George thinks a seam must not be sealed correctly on the top side of the camper, allowing water to seep in behind the refrigerator.  For now, we will get a tarp and hang it up whenever rain is predicted. 

The state of Louisiana is shaped like a boot.  We have been in the “toe” part of the boot and today headed north and west.  The trip could have taken about 2 hours, had we taken the Interstates, but since we were not in a hurry, we stayed on country roads.  The trip took us through a corner of Mississippi, and then back into Louisiana.  It was slow-going, as we went through a lot of tiny towns, many of which only had a Baptist church.  Lots of 4-way stops, too. It was an enjoyable drive.  We had the roads almost to ourselves.  Lots of flowers and cows. 

One bad thing about country roads is that they usually don’t have picnic areas or rest stops.  Today, we pulled in to an empty lot in a deserted town, and had our picnic lunch.  As we were leaving, we saw these signs all over the lot….

We crossed over the Mississippi in Natchez, MS.  The last leg of the drive was on the Great River Road, almost paralleling the Mississippi.  We have “done” the northern part of the Great River Road, and now we will do the southern part.

This park is situated right on the lake.  Most of the other campers seem to be fishermen.  Our original site was right on the water – a beautiful view, but wet due to all the recent rain.  The lake is quite high.  So, the host moved us to a higher section.  It is quieter, and we like it.  We will be here 3 nights.

DINNER:  Something different…a panini.  I had seen this on a menu in a restaurant, and thought I would give it a try, needing to  use up the French bread loaf that we had bought in a Cajun bakery.  I made the panini with mushroom brie, smoked turkey breast slices, and a mix of sauteed onions and mushrooms.  I grilled the sandwich on our George Foreman grill.  Side was sauteed yellow squash.  All quite nice!

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