Day #39….What is that big yellow ball in the sky?

LOCATION:  In Northeast Louisiana, south of Vicksburg, MS
CAMPGROUND:  3rd night at Lake Bruin State Park
WEATHER:  Back to the good stuff!  Mostly sunny.  High 72

What is that big yellow ball up in the sky?  Oh!  It is the sun!  It’s been such a long time, that I didn’t recognize it!!!    🙂

Since there aren’t any other campers nearby, we have been sleeping with our curtains open.  This morning, we were awakened by a big ball of welcoming yellow streaming through the windows.  Great!

We had our regular Sunday morning routine….We watched “CBS Sunday Morning” while George made his famous grits and eggs.  This morning, he did a switch….he added some boiled crawfish to the grits. Kind of a twist on shrimp and grits.   Quite tasty!

Today’s “CBS Sunday Morning” show was dedicated to travel, about how people really have the itch to get back to it. They said currently it is mostly  the “grey wave” – meaning we old people that have had the vaccine are the biggest group traveling.  We are cautiously optimistic that we will be able to go to France this fall.  The show had an interview with one of my boyfriends – Rick Steves – who talked about how he is getting through a year+ of the pandemic without any traveling.

The sun is shining on Joy, and she is a happy camper, like we are!

I took a nice walk around the campground.  There are a lot of pretty flowers around, including these yellow wild flowers.  There are lots of birds, too – red cardinals, red-headed woodpeckers, and blue birds.  Sounds and looks like spring!

Rain –> standing water + warmer temps = mosquitoes.  They are pretty bad, so we set up our screened tent.  We have been carrying this around for more than 2 years, as sort of an insurance policy.   If we have it, it seems that we don’t need it; when we have it, we don’t need it!  But today, it was great to have.  It took some time to set up as we were out of practice.  We placed it around the picnic table. 

I spent several hours inside the tent happily bug-free, reading a good book.

DINNER:  George got a fire going in the stand-up grill.  All of the recent rain has caused dead tree limbs to fall from trees, so we scrounged a lot of wood to use on the fire.  I had him saute some Italian sausage, onions, and garlic in the iron skillet over the fire  (so I wouldn’t have to do it inside) to make a meat sauce. Then, I made a pasta casserole with the meat sauce, ricotta, and parmesan.  It is nice to have an oven for dishes like this.   Side was steamed broccoli.  A nice change of pace!

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