Day #42 – Civil War History Day

LOCATION:  Delhi, Louisiana in Northeast part of state
CAMPGROUND:  3rd night at Poverty Point Reservoir State Park
WEATHER:  Sunny.  Turned cooler – High 60

Today was a trip to historic Vicksburg, Mississippi, on the Mississippi River.  It is famous for its Civil War battle/siege.  We crossed over the river from Louisiana…

First up was lunch.  We found a great place for some local food in the historic section, right on the River.  We had their specialty – fried green tomatoes with a hollandaise sauce and crab meat.  We shared this plate, but the guy next to us ate the whole thing himself PLUS a huge oyster po’boy sandwich and fries.  I heard the waitress order – “blackened shrimp, fries, and cheese grits”.  We are in the South, y’all.

We did the self-guided 16-mile driving tour around the Battlefield National Park.  Normally it costs $20, but with Covid, the visitors’ center and ticket office were closed, so you just enter and drive around.  The drive first takes you on “Union Avenue” where you see monument after monument recognizing infantries from various Northern states.  This one was to honor troops from Iowa.

There must be more than 1000 of these monuments.  Also, signs pointing out different battle lines.  We listened to a narrative describing at each tour stop that explained each battle – which side took which battle or hill.

We continued on through “Confederate Avenue” with monuments honoring the Southern state troops.  This is an example – one honoring Louisiana.  . It was a 6-month battle with lots of casualties and harm to the city of Vicksburg itself.  In the end, the North won. 

We drove back across the Mississippi, spotting this big barge….

Back home, George went foraging.  He picked me some wild flowers for a vase on the dining room table (nice), and some wild asparagus and wild green onions for dinner.  We grilled the very delicate asparagus for about 5 seconds, then enjoyed them as an appetizer.  I added the green onions to tonight’s dinner.  Very fragrant.

DINNER:  Grilled chicken.  This is a trick I learned a while ago….I save the juice from kalamata olives and use it as a marinade.  Side was tagliatelle pasta with an onion/mushroom cream sauce.  Also, another night of fresh, steamed green beans.  (The bag I bought is lasting a long time!) 

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