Day #44 – Amid the blueberries…

LOCATION:  Ringgold, Louisiana – in northwest part of state
CAMPGROUND:  McCain Family Farm.  Another Harvest Host site; it is a blueberry farm.  We are down a farm lane to the back of their farm, smack dab in the middle of the blueberry bushes.  Enough space for 2 RVs, but we were the only ones there.  Very nice young couple/owners.  5 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Rain forecast, but only started in the early evening.  Mostly cloudy..  High 72

It was a bit nippy when we woke up at the Harvest Host winery.  Being off-grid (aka boon-docking or dry camping), we try to conserve our battery use.  We have 2 heaters built it to the Airstream – one that uses propane and a heat pump that uses electricity.  We could have used the propane furnace, but that also takes a bit of battery.  So, George bought this propane space heater, one that is safe for indoor use, and connected it to our main propane tank, so we don’t need to buy canisters.  We call it our fireplace!

George does exercises each morning.  Here he is doing some yoga moves before we took off.

I was pleased that the winery has some outdoor toilets.  These are set up for their upcoming concert.

We took back country roads going slightly south and west.  We commented that these back roads allow us to really see the countryside, rather than speed from Point A to Point B on the interstate.  Today we went further afield, as a bridge was washed out and we had to take a detour.  We drove through lots of little towns, mostly with just a house or two as well as at least 2 churches.  People sitting in their front yards and farmers in their fields wave to us as we pass by.  They must be pretty lonely!

Thunderstorms with 100% chance of rain were predicted during the night, so we stopped at a Dollar General store to buy a tarp for Joy.  There are Dollar General stores everywhere!  We read that there are more Dollar General stores in the USA than McDonald’s and Starbucks combined!

It was still early when we arrived in Ringgold, so we stopped at their lovely library to use the internet.  It was popcorn Friday so the librarian invited us to munch on some as we did our computer work.  One lady arrived singing Gospel music joyfully.  We are in the South, y’all!

The blueberry farm owner met us and made sure we got set up ok in their field.  The area we parked in is grassy but we were sure to be near the gravel road in case it is muddy in the AM.  This is a blueberry farm, but it is still too early for blueberries. The bushes are full of them; they will be ready in about a month.  They also sell honey, but are out of that, too. 

Joy is content right in the middle of the farm

We walked around the farm, introducing ourselves to the rooster…

And to the sheep…(including a baby lamb)

And to a cow that thinks it is a sheep

It is all very rustic and charming.

They even have a bathroom!  First class!

The clouds started rolling in during the late afternoon, so we decided to hang the tarp over Joy.  It took us more than an hour as we don’t have a ladder with us, and had a hard time getting the tarp placed between the different vents and A/C on top.  Finally, we got it tied down tightly.

DINNER:  I jazzed up some leftovers from a pasta dish I made the other night with bowtie pasta and sausage.  To that, I added some sauteed onions, mushrooms, and garlic, and then swirled in some leftover ricotta.  I made George eat the whole thing as I didn’t want leftover leftovers! 

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