Day #45 – Camping after tornado destruction

LOCATION:  Farmerville, Louisiana in North Central part of state
CAMPGROUND:  Lake D’Arbonne State Park.  Beautiful, woodsy park on huge lake.  Full hook-ups.  Clean bathrooms/showers/laundry.  Good wifi.  Good phone and TV (PBS) reception.  With senior discount, $14/night.  Can’t beat that!  4 stars out of 5. (See below)
WEATHER:  Mostly sunny.  High 68

It was a dark and stormy night.  Rains pelleted us for hours.  Then the wind howled and howled, with the noise exacerbated by the billowing tarp we had placed over Joy. 

We awoke at the blueberry farm to the crowing of the rooster, and checked out possible damage.  Yay!  The tarp held tight and it did its job – there was no sign of a leak.  The leak must be on the top of the Airstream and the water must be seeping down behind, then under, the refrigerator.  With the tarp on, we kept the water out. 

The owner came by to bid us farewell.  A cute young couple own this blueberry farm.  Then, we drove north and east to another great Louisiana park.  We are hovering in this area for awhile, as the parks are nice and the weather is just about perfect for camping. Our site is near the 15,000+ acre lake…

We were surprised that the campground is only about 25% occupied, even though it is a weekend.  We took a hike on one of the trails…

We learned that a tornado struck the park about a month ago.  There are huge trees down all over the place.  There was a lot of damage.  It completely took out the visitor center and swimming pool.  Huge holes are all that are left. 

They have been busy sawing the trees up.  There are piles everywhere. I would have rated this park a 5, but because of all the damage and clean-up work, it is muddy and (temporarily) unattractive in parts. 

We went in to town, in search of a nice lake-side restaurant/bar to have a drink.  No such thing.  So, we returned to the campground and had a drink at Reids’ Bistro around the fire…

DINNER:  We are still working through the frozen leftovers from the Cajun Fest.  Tonight, I warmed up some gumbo and added more chicken, sausage, and okra to it.  Unfortunately, it made a lot!

BOOK:  “204 Rosewood Lane” by Debbie Macomber.  Kind of a sappy, soap-opera type book that I picked up at a campground library when I needed something to read while offline.  I’ve read a few other of her books – all chronicling the lives of people in a fictitious Washington state town.  2 stars out of 5

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