Day #46…In sportsmen’s paradise

LOCATION:  Farmerville, Louisiana in North Central part of state
CAMPGROUND:  2nd night at Lake D’Arbonne State Park
WEATHER:  Just great.  Sunny.  High 75

We listened to a symphony during the night – coyotes howling, owls hooting, and a strange yowl that George says was raccoons.

We enjoyed our regular Sunday morning routine — While watching CBS Sunday Morning, George made his Sunday morning eggs and grits. Yummy as always

This part of Louisiana is called “Sportsmen’s Paradise”.  It is sparsely populated and is full of lakes.  Fishing and camping are popular.  There were a few fishing boats on the lake.  This is the view from our front door…

We took a hike around the campground.  From one of the piers, we spotted a lot of turtles sunning themselves on logs.

Here I am waving to George – from one pier to the next.

It is very green here!

Being Sunday, most of the other campers left.   About 10 campsites (out of 100+) remain occupied.  Nice and quiet.

While I did some cleaning jobs, George chopped up wood that he had scrounged from some new construction in the park.

I took a walk by myself to get some more exercise, taking the main park road to a different section of the park.  It is hilly here!  I was checking out the destroyed visitor center (now just a huge hole in the ground) when a lady and child popped out of the woods.  They had taken a trail and were lost.  They invited me to join them on the trail (versus the paved road) back to the campground.  The lady is very “southern”.  When she talked with me, every other word was “yes, ma’am”. When the daughter forgot to add “yes, ma’am” to a response, she reminded her.    It was a little annoying – very Southern. 

DINNER:  Cassoulet.  It is made with sausage and white beans.  It is a dish most famous in the section of France where we hope to be going this fall.  The secret is using the best sausage you can find.  Tonight, I used some sausage I found called “garlic sausage” that was very good.  I also added some andouille, since we are in Louisiana.  I had George char the sausage over the fire before I added it to the casserole.  Very tasty! 

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