Day #47 – Happy Birthday, Dear George!

LOCATION:  Near Bastrop, Louisiana in north central Louisiana, almost on the Arkansas border
CAMPGROUND:  Chemin -a-Haut State Park.  Another great Louisiana state park.  Full hook-ups, level and long site with fire pit, stand-up grill, picnic table, and tent site.  Wifi.  Sites are well-spaced out with lots of trees.  Squeaky clean bathrooms and showers.  Laundry and library.  On a lake, but not visible from camping area.  $18/night.  5 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Beautiful.  Sunny.  High 80

We hung out at Lake D’Arbonne as we weren’t in a hurry to move on.  We hiked some more of the trails there.  The workers have chopped up and moved some logs from trails and roads, but there are still many more to work on.  It was interesting to see how the tornado hopped around, sparing some areas, but absolutely devastating others. 

We made several detours around trees blocking our path. Not bad for a now 76-year-old!

These upended tree roots are massive.

They are building some tents for campers.  They are very nice, but are deep in the woods…Campers would have to haul in water and all their supplies for quite a long distance.

We drove a bit east and north to our final Louisiana destination.  It is very remote, but we do get some TV and a tiny bit of cell service.  We are not going to unhook as there is nothing around here to visit.  While we are here, we will hike and maybe rent a kayak.

Now to celebrate George’s 76th birthday!  I made some Aperol Spritzes that we discovered in Venice.  They are made with aperol, champagne, and a little fizzy water.  Quite refreshing!

George made a fire and grilled some chicken that I had marinated in a garlic and harissa paste –  a tip from our friends the Glanvilles with whom we camped earlier this trip.

DINNER:  In addition to the chicken thighs, I had George char some butternut squash (previously baked) and an onion half.  Then, I followed the recipe on the vegetable “better than bouillon” jar to make a sauce for the veggies.   It was quite good – made with the bouillion paste, balsamic vinegar, parmesan, and olive oil.  Another side was mushroom risotto.  We paired it with the champagne left from the spritzes. 

We watched my buddy Rick Steves’ Monday night podcast about European travel. 

Not a bad way to celebrate a birthday! 

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