Day #48: Winding up Louisiana visit

LOCATION:  Near Bastrop, Louisiana – in very north central part of Louisiana
CAMPGROUND:  2nd night at Chemin-a-Haut State Park
WEATHER:  Mostly cloudy.  Very pleasant temps – 78

We hiked around the state park, finding other sections.  One is for group camping.  They have a lodge that will accommodate 38 people and a camping tent area, with dish-washing sinks, which you rarely see in USA campgrounds.  (They are more common in Canada.)

Another section has a big “rally” room for day use with a nice swimming pool and playground.  There are two sections of cabins that will sleep 8-10 people.  It would be a great venue for a family vacation or reunion. 

We found the bayou and the lake.  The area is famous for its old-growth cypress trees. 

We will be leaving Louisiana tomorrow, and we will miss these bayou/cypress tree views

We returned to the campground via a trail in the woods.  It wasn’t well-maintained and we were a little afraid that it would just peter out, but it took us back to “civilization”.  On our way, we saw some bear print paw prints in the mud. 

I have mentioned before that we have really enjoyed Louisiana state park camping.  We have stayed in 9 (out of 21).  All have electricity and water at sites; some are full hook-ups..  They all have nice paved pads for RVs and a tent pad – convenient if you have more family members/friends accompanying you.  They have fire pits, stand-up grills, and picnic tables.  All have the best bathrooms/showers we have ever experienced camping.  Most have laundries, unusual for state parks.  Most have cabins or yurts in addition to RV/tent camping.  Most have swimming pools or splash pads.  Here is our route to state parks after we left the Cajun Fest in early April…

Tomorrow we cross the border to Arkansas.  Although we really enjoyed our time here, I would not want to be camping in Louisiana in the summer.  I imagine it is very hot, humid, and buggy.

DINNER:  We watched a cooking show on PBS recently where they made these Asian steak roll-ups, so thought we would give them a try.  We bought some flank steak pieces and pounded them out to be thin.  We rolled them up with scallions in the middle. 

Meanwhile, I made a Vietnamese dipping sauce with fish sauce, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sugar, garlic, chile paste, sugar, and sake.  We coated the roll-ups with the sauce as they cooked. 

When they had cooled, we cut them up to look like sushi rolls. 

For serving, we drizzled more of the dipping sauce over the rolls and some rice (I would have used Asian noodles but we were out).  Side was peas. 

All very good!  They would be great for a party.

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