Day #50 – In the Arkansas boonies

LOCATION:  Out in the boonies in SE Arkansas
CAMPGROUND:  2nd night at Lake Merrisach Army Corps of Engineers
WEATHER:  Pretty nice; a bit humid.  High 78

The tarp worked successfully again last night.  It rained quite a bit, but Joy stayed nice and dry inside.  We will leave on the tarp….just in case it starts raining again.

Sure enough, the park ranger stopped by and said we had to move to another site; it is reserved for tonight.  So we did a minimal pack-up and hook-up and moved across the inlet to another waterfront site.  This one is almost better – a nice configuration of the covered picnic table fire pit, and grill.  We face the water and there aren’t many campers around us.  All good.

This is the view from our new site back to our old one

There are a lot of birds here, especially swallows.  As we were sitting under our picnic table shelter, they started to dive-bomb us!  We realized that there were 2 nests up in the rafters and the mother was trying to protect them from us.    George got this great photo of their eggs. 

Our lake is part of the Arkansas River, which is quite large.  It flows eventually into the Mississippi.  We watched this barge pass right by our campsite…

We took a drive around the area, checking out a few of the nearby locks on the river.  As we were driving down one remote road, a lynx jumped out in front of us.  Beautiful animal!

I got in my 11K steps walking around the park  while George got exercise by chopping up more wood for the campfire. 

DINNER:  Curry rice with chicken and squash.  When we visited America’s oldest rice mill a few weeks ago, I bought one of their curry rice packages.  I made it tonight, but had to add a lot more curry spice and cayenne to kick it up.  I added some chicken that we had grilled a few nights ago along with the butternut squash I had previously cooked.  I was careful not to make too much so we wouldn’t have leftovers! 

The sun set about 8:00 and was beautiful, over the water

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