Day #51. A slow day in Arkansas

LOCATION:  One more day on the lake in SE Arkansas
CAMPGROUND:  3rd night at Merrisach Lake Army Corps of Engineers
WEATHER:  Beautiful.  Sunny.  High 74

I’m trying to get back to some of my exercise regime.  For the last few days, I have been getting in 11,000 steps walking around the campground. 

We were going to go in to town to shop or find a place for lunch, but the park ranger told us that there isn’t much there.  There is one Mexican restaurant and it may or may not be open.  Since it is 40 minutes away, we didn’t think it was worth it.  So, we stayed around here all day.  With no more rain predicted, George took off the tarp.  Note that it is grey – to coordinate colors with Joy!

Arkansas has a lot of natural beauty, but it lacks in cultural opportunities and urban amenities.  The last grocery store we went to was terrible.  The liquor store didn’t offer much either  (except frozen daiqueries in their drive-through).  Pretty sad.  Tomorrow we go towards Little Rock, so we hope to find a few more things.  Then, back to the boonies. 

Being Friday, we expected the campground to fill up, but only a few more fishermen arrived.  George went over to chat with our neighbors.  When he came back, I asked him what they talked about.  He said he didn’t know!  He couldn’t understand their drawl!

DINNER:  Since George has chopped so much wood, we made another campfire in the stand-up grill. He grilled hamburgers.  His new technique is to grill two thin patties, and then put one on top of the other with cheese in the middle.  They turned out really delicious.  Side was a huge sweet potato from Mississippi.  I started cooking it a bit in the microwave, then wrapped it in aluminum foil, added a dab of butter, and finished coooking it in the coals.  Yum!

I’m doing a lot of reading….. We only get one TV channel here (a religious one); our DVD player quit working; and our internet is not strong enough to stream anything.  Oh well….I have a lot of good books to read!

BOOK: “The Four Winds” by Kristin Hannah.  I have read several of her books.  I think she is a good author; every book is very different.  This one is historical fiction about a family in the Great Depression, forced out of their farm in the Dust Bowl, and then finding hardship in California.  5 stars out of 5

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