Day #52 – Camping with goats!

LOCATION:  Out in the country near Little Rock, Arkansas
CAMPGROUND:  Tammie Sue’s Critters – a Harvest Host goat farm!  What fun!  We are parked on a level part of the graveled driveway amid the vegetables, chickens, goats, donkey, dogs, cats, and llama!  Really hospitable hosts.  5 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Super nice.  Perfect for staying at a Harvest Host site – no need for A/C or heat.  High 78

We drove through a lot of farmland as we headed north and east.  We passed by huge fields of rice.  Here, they don’t raise crawfish in the fields as they do in Louisiana.  The towns had big grain bins and processing factories for the rice.  We had a European tour, passing through little towns with names like Hamburg, Stuttgart, England, and Slovakia.  It would be interesting to know how they were named.

We arrived at our Harvest Host farm about 3:00.  The farmer – Skip – greeted us and helped us get parked.

He gave us a tour of the farm.  He has LOTS of vegetables.  Everything is so neat and tidy…

He is a very industrious guy.  He uses techniques that help the soil – like using goat poop for fertilizer, keeping tree roots in the ground helping to avoid erosion, not using pesticides, etc.   After seeing George’s brewpub t-shirt, he told us that the local brewpub gives him spent grains which he uses for goat food.  The brewery also gave him some barrels of beer that hade gone bad.  He will use the beer as fertilizer.

Skip also keeps bees and makes honey. 

They raise a lot of chickens. 

Then, it was feeding time!  The donkey,  llama, and goats gathered excitedly for dinner – bales of hay.

Emma, the dog, got in to the fun, too, chasing chickens and watching the goats.

We watched Tammie Sue, the farmer’s wife, milk one of the goats.  It had a broken leg and cannot be with the others.

Then, into the milking barn to watch Skip and Tammie Sue milk the others. 

Skip feeds them “dessert” of the beer spent grains to distract them while they are being milked.

Each goat produces a quart Mason jar of milk. They sell the milk, make goat cheese, and use it to make soaps and lotions.

After feeding time, we visited the “soap barn” where Tammie Sue makes soaps and lotions.  The cats greeted us..

We bought some of Tammie Sue’s soaps and lotions, a big jar of goat milk, a big hunk of goat cheese, and a dozen multi-colored eggs.  We always like to support our Harvest Hosts. 

What a pleasant afternoon! Time to relax!

DINNER:  I thawed some leftover pasta, and sauteed some onions to add to leftover butternut squash.  At the last minute, I added some kale leaves, plucked from a plant next to the trailer, and walnuts for crunch.  Side was a beautiful salad from a head of lettuce we picked.  Wow!

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