Day 54: Out and about in Little Rock

LOCATION: Little Rock, Arkansas
CAMPGROUND:  2nd night at Lake Maumelle Army Corps of Engineers
WEATHER:  Mostly overcast.  Hot and humid.  High 87

I walked around the campground to get my 11,000 steps in.  The park is big.  One of the loops is designated for  medical-related issues only.  If a camper has an appointment at the nearby Univ of Arkansas Medical Center, he/she can stay in that special loop.  What a great idea! 

There are a lot of Canada geese running around the campground, including some babies!

Our site is right on the water and is in a field of clover.  Pretty!

On to downtown Little Rock to explore.  We drove through the historic district which looks pretty vibrant – lots of shops and cool-looking restaurants, bars, and music venues.  Our destination was President Clinton’s Library.

It is closed due to Covid, but we enjoyed walking around the interesting building and lovely grounds.

The library juts out over the Arkansas River.  An old railway bridge has been converted to a pedestrian bridge which connects Little Rock to North Little Rock.

There are a lot of bike trails and quite a few people were using the bridge.  One camping option would have been for us to stay at an RV park right next to the bridge on the North Little Rock side and walk over to Little Rock for entertainment.  We originally were going to do that, but the RV park is just one of those unappealing concrete lots.  It is much nicer at our campground, and this day trip was enough city life for us for now.

Time for lunch and a beer! 

We found another cool brewpub.  It is the largest one in Arkansas. 

We shared a wood-fired pizza, which was one of the best we have ever eaten.  It had a white, creamy lemony sauce with roasted garlic and lots of artichokes.  Yummmmm!

The afternoon was spent doing errands, taking advantage of being in a city for a change…..oil change for the pick-up and a run to the supermarket.

DINNER:  This experiment turned out beautifully!  I have been carrying around a jar of hazelnuts since we left Texas.  I googled recipes using hazelnuts (other than desserts) and found this one: 

Kale and Hazelnut Pasta

First, I sauteed some onions and garlic, and added the kale (stems removed)  to wilt.  I roasted the hazelnuts and set aside.  I made spaghetti and set it aside, too.  The recipe calls for mixing all of that together with lemon juice and mascarpone.  The grocery store did not carry mascarpone, so I looked up a substitute.  I found a substitute – to mix softened cream cheese with whipping cream.  It worked out fine.  Now I need to buy more hazelnuts to make this recipe again some time —   it was so good! 

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