Day 57 – In the beautiful Ozark Mountains

LOCATION:  Mountain Home, Arkansas in very north central part of state, near Missouri border
CAMPGROUND:  Cranfield Army Corps of Engineers Park, part of Norfolk Lake.  Electricity and water at site.  Bathrooms dated but clean. Firepit and picnic table.  Our site has water views; some are waterfront.  A bit tricky to back in.  $10.50/night with senior discount.  We love Army Corps of Engineers parks.  This one is a bit dated.  4 stars out of 5.
WEATHER:  Beautiful again.  We are getting spoiled.  High 75

We watched the farmhands tend to the chickens at the Harvest Host farm where we stayed last night.  One of the farm dogs sat in the sun next to me while I read a book sitting on Joy’s steps.  What joy! 

Our route today was not very far, but it was slow-going in the Ozark Mountains.  These signs were posted about every 2 miles…

Then, the dreaded sign saying “Steep grade ahead.  Truckers use run-away lane if necessary”.  Great!  Guess who was driving! !!!

Our ears popped throughout the trip, but the scenery was just beautiful.  Full of trees, mountain views, and rich-looking valleys below. 

As we drove through one town, a big, beautiful Golden Retriever darted out into the highway. We came within an inch of hitting him, just brushing his tail.  Our hearts pounded…..Guess who was driving?

After we got set up at tonight’s ACOE park,  I explored the campground, trying to get in my steps.  It is quite pretty.  This is the view from our front door…

We drove to a fishing lodge for a drink.  It is quite posh out in the middle of nowhere.  The restaurant’s menu looked very gourmet. 

The restaurant/lodge overlooks the White River which is famous for its fly fishing.  People come from all over the world to fish here.

Back at the campground, George made a fire for dinner. 

DINNER:  I marinated the hangar steak that we bought yesterday at the Harvest Host farm, using  a paste our friend Rob uses – harissa and crushed garlic.   George grilled the hangar steak on the fire.    Sides were a baked potato, baked in aluminum foil in the coals, and broccoli. 

It’s official…..our trip to France planned for this September is off.  We have rescheduled for September 2022 when more things should be open for us.  With that in mind, we are really hoping that we can enter Canada in late August/early September.  We want to visit Winter Texans in Sioux St. Marie, Ontario and then travel with our Nova Scotia camping buddies.  For now, it will be “wait and see”.

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