Day 58: Is this Arkansas….or Paradise?

LOCATION:  Mountain Home, Arkansas
CAMPGROUND:  2nd night at Cranfield Army Corps of Engineers Park, part of Norfolk Lake
WEATHER:  BeYUUUUTifull! Sunny.  High 75

I took another long walk around the campround, checking out the big marina.  I chatted with a local guy who says the lake has been super high like this for 4 years.  They can’t let any water out through the dam as the rivers are too full below.  This sign used to be in the parking lot!

We took off for lunch at another fishing resort that had been recommended.  We passed the Norfolk Dam that creates Norfolk Lake from the White River and Norfolk River.  This is a darling little resort with cabins overlooking the lake.  (This is the same lake that is at our campground,  30 miles away). 

We were able to get a table outside on their patio.

We shared a fried green tomato sandwich which was great, and George had a beer brewed in Norfolk, just down the road.  The view of the lake was spectacular.  The roses are in full bloom….

Also the irises are at their peak…

On our way home, we stopped at the dam and checked out their fish hatchery.

Back home, George made a fire in the firepit and we sat around munching on peanuts and sipping drinks.  What a life!

DINNER:  Shrimp scampi.  I got the recipe from a magazine about garlic, so it had a lot of garlic in it.  I sprinkled on some of the goat cheese from the Harvest Host farm, just for fun.  Sides were leftover mushroom risotto and an arugula/avocado/tomato salad. 

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