Day #59 – Another day, another brewpub!

LOCATION:  West Plains, Missouri, just across the border from Arkansas in central part of state
CAMPGROUND:  Wages Brewery and Taproom.  A Harvest Host site.  We are parked in their paved, level parking lot with one other RV.  Very friendly host/owner.  Easy in and out.  Good beer, too!  5 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Rain in the AM, turning into a nice spring afternoon.  High 71

We spent the cool, grey, rainy morning snug in the Airstream at Cranfield Campground.  To pass the time, we watched a movie.  Our DVD player comes and goes.  Today it felt like working.  We watched “Young Frankenstein” which we had never seen before.  It was well-done and funny.

Once the sun came out, we took our time to get ready to go.  We only had a short drive today and were not in a hurry. 

The hour drive was pleasant – through a part of Ozarks National Forest.  Everything is green and lush right now. 

We arrived here at the brewery in the late PM and introduced ourselves to the owner.  He welcomed us and chatted with us for quite a while.  He loves being a Harvest Host.  We agree with him – it is a win/win arrangement for the hosts as well as the travelers.  We met the other Harvest Host RV couple, parked next to us.  They are in a huge motor home, pulling a pick-up.  I don’t understand why a lot of RVs, like theirs, are now all electric.  They don’t have any propane, so they depend on a generator/batteries when they are not hooked up to shore power.  They also have to worry about weight (40,000 lbs!)  when they go to a Harvest Host site – they might sink if parked in a grassy lot!  We think our set-up is much better, but then we are probably a bit prejudiced.  🙂 

We enjoyed pizza, beers, and wine out on their patio while listening to live music.  The owner had had a cancellation, so he played the guitar and sang.  He is quite good.

We went to bed rather early, and enjoyed the music from the brewery from the comfort of our bed.  It ended about 10:00, and everything quieted down nicely. 

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