Day #60 – Two months on the road!

LOCATION:  About an hour from Jonesboro, Arkansas.  No town nearby.
CAMPGROUND:  Lake Charles State Park.  Electricity and water; some sites have full hook-ups.  Many sites have lake views.  Brand new, beautiful bathrooms/showers.  Fire pit, stand-up grill, and picnic table.  Huge sites, set far apart.  $18/night for seniors. Wifi, no phone service, BUT – PBS!   4 stars out of 5.
WEATHER:  Just like yesterday – rain in AM followed by beautiful PM

Today marks two months on the road for this trip!  It seems like we have done a lot.  It has been fun to explore Arkansas and Louisiana, 2 states we had mostly whizzed through before. 

We waited out the rain parked in last night’s brewery parking lot.  We hadn’t expected the rain, so we hadn’t put on the tarp, but we stayed dry.  YAY!  I ran over to the brewery (closed) that had left their strong wifi on and their patio open, so did some computer work. 

A short two-hour drive back south and a bit east in Arkansas.  Not only are the Ozarks known for their beauty, they are also famous/infamous for their tackiness.  There are a lot of touristy junky shops and just plain junk all over the place.  So sad.

We haven’t seen much wildlife along the road for awhile, but today we counted 15 dead armadillos on the shoulder.  They must crunch when you run over them.  Eeeuuhh!  We also spotted two turtles creeping across the road.  I hope they made it. 

It looks like this campground was busy over the weekend, but it had cleared out almost completely by the time we arrived today (Sunday) afternoon.  We got set up and I took a walk around the lake.  Very nice.  This huge mushroom had popped up overnight with the rain.  I took the photo with my shoe so you can note its size…

While enjoying our Sunday afternoon Bloody Marys, I watched the squirrel activity right outside our front door.  The squirrels were very interested in our wood prepped for tonight’s fire. 

Popping in the paper bag full of firewood..

Then, running away again….

Enough of squirrels.  Isn’t it funny how we think they are cute and that their rat cousins are nasty?  Someone once told me that squirrels are the same as rats, only with a good Public Relations Manager!

DINNER:  George got the fire going and grilled the chicken thighs we had bought at the Harvest Host farm.  Perhaps a result of better, free-range chicken plus George’s grilling technique, they turned out to be excellent.  Sides were mashed potatoes and mixed steamed vegetables. 

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