Day #61 – A visit to Mammoth Springs

LOCATION:  Northeast Arkansas
CAMPGROUND:  2nd night at Lake Charles State Park
WEATHER:  Chilly in AM, warming to 65

It was nice not waking to rain, as we have done the past few days. 

A note about bathroom functions…..Campers seem to talk about poo and pee more than most people.  It just comes with the territory!  As I have said before (and sometimes get criticized for it), we mostly use public bathrooms.  Our experience is that the campground ones are pretty good and are kept clean.  In fact, since a lot of people don’t use them, we often are the only “customers”.  The ones at this campground are particularly nice, and brand new.  They are the kind with individual rooms – shower/toilet/sink in one private, handicap-accessible room. 

We are pretty remote here, so have no cell service or internet.  However, the campground offers its own wifi.  The node is next to the bathrooms.  So this morning, as I was using the bathroom, the screen on my phone came to life.  I realized that I had a really good connection right  inside the bathroom.  And, it was heated and comfy!   So, I took my time and answered emails, etc. while in the bathrooom.  Suddenly all the lights went out.  I realized that the light was motion-sensitive, so I had to frantically wave my arms around to get the light back on.  Kind of funny.

We took a drive to Mammoth Springs State Park, home of the world’s 9th largest springs.  We took a hike around the springs and lake. 

First up was a set of falls that had been used in the 1800s as a power generator.

Because of the power, this city was a hub back in the day.  The train connected it to St. Louis and other major cities in the area.  In fact….here comes the train!

The cute train station is now a little museum.

The geese chased me around a bit….

The hike ended with the springs.  The springs pump 10 million gallons of water out per hour!

The springs flow into Spring River which we followed on our way home.  We got off the highway and went down a gravelled road to check out one of the “resorts” along the river.  This is a popular place for canoeing and kayaking.  George decided to take a “shortcut” back to the highway.  Uh-oh.  The road deteriorated and at one point it was under water.  I wanted to turn around;  George said we could make it.  I had to close my eyes as we passed through the water.

It is a very scenic area.  You can see the valley below from this bluff…

DINNER:  George built another great fire.  He just loves the stand-up grills in campgrounds (versus the firepits in the ground).  We had brats that we had bought at the Harvest Host farm. They were really good – probably the best I have ever eaten.   I baked a loaf of bread – the “take N bake” kind I had in the freezer.  It was excellent.  Side was creamed spinach with onions and mushrooms. 

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