Day #62 – Down on the farm!

LOCATION:  Cave City, Arkansas in northeast Arkansas
CAMPGROUND:  Brood Farm, a Harvest Host farm.  One camping site only.  Hookups available, otherwise free.  Down a long, narrow lane.  Camped next to their home and market stand.  On the grass, but it is solid, not muddy.  Easy to get parked, level.  4 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Nice in the AM, turning to rain in the PM. 
DISTANCE DRIVEN:  30 minutes

We took advantage of a late check-out time at Lake Charles State Park, since we had such a short drive today.  We hiked three trails in the park.  The first one followed the lake front….

The longest trail was called White Oak Trail, aptly named for its forest full of oaks.  The pathway was carpeted with moss.  Very nice.

In addition to its brand-new bathrooms at this park, the dump station is also new.  We split chores, and George is the lucky one who gets the dump duty.  Since we will be at Harvest Host sites the next two nights (without services), we need to dump today to be ahead of the game.

We have had terrible phone service.  I tried to contact the host where we were heading today, but the text would not go through, so we just drove there.    We weren’t 100% sure of the farm’s location.  Our GPS took us down a long, narrow, lane that seemed to go on and on.  There was no place to turn around, so we were just hoping that we were on the right road. 

At last, we spotted the farmhouse.  Thank goodness!

By this time, it had started to rain.  The owner came out to greet us and told us where to park.  After we got settled, we checked out her market.

The farm has 150 laying hens, 25 goats, cows, pigs, and fruit and vegetables.  We are lucky to hit strawberry season.  These look luscious!

We bought the strawberries, goat soaps and lotions, homemade strawberry jam, and Italian sausage.  We would have bought more, but our freezer is full from the last farm!

One of the many dogs came up to greet us

Here are some of the goats who thought I was going to feed them…

And, one of the Jersey cows wanted to check me out, too…

DINNER:  An Asian theme — the leftover steak roll-ups on a bed of Asian vegetables and noodles.  I spiced it up with extra onion, garlic, ginger, and soy sauce.  Too bad we are out of sake –  A cup of hot sake would taste good on a chilly, rainy evening like this one. 

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