Day #63 – Camping at a cozy winery along the Mississippi

LOCATION:  Commerce, Missouri in far SE corner of state.  1/2 mile from the Mississippi River
CAMPGROUND:  River Ridge Winery through Harvest Hosts.  A small, cozy winery down lots of curvy country roads.  Husband/wife owners are very hospitable and welcoming, showing us where to park in their level, graveled parking lot.  Might be tight on weekends, with more customers.  Wine is so-so.  4 stars out of 5.
WEATHER:  Very cool in the AM.  Our propane heater is much loved.  High 64 with sun

Before we left the Harvest Host farm, George did his daily exercises.  Their friendly beagle watched him in admiration.

Once we crossed over from Arkansas to Missouri, everything seemed to be more prosperous.  We drove by lots of rice fields.  It has rained a lot here, and the rivers are all very full.

We got settled in at the winery, where we are the only RV.  The winery building and the owners’ homes are right behind us.  In front of us is a big field of grass.  There is almost no traffic on the road so it will be a quiet night. 

  We went inside to do a (free) tasting.  We bought a bottle of their cabernet sauvignon and took it outside to enjoy on their very nice patio.  The hostas are starting to come up, which made us happy that we are in the Midwest again.  They have a very good sound system with sophisticated jazz and Frank Sinatra crooning softly. 

DINNER:  We bought a reuben sandwich from their restaurant and took it back to Joy to eat.   I made a salad to accompany it.  Very nice. 

BOOK:  “Unsheltered” by Barbara Kingsolver.  It is the story of 2 families who live in the same (broken-down) house two centuries apart.  It is based losely on the life of a obscure female biologist from the 1800s.  5 stars out of 5

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