Day #65 – Road trip covering 4 states!

LOCATION:  Cape Girardeau, Missouri, in SE part of state
CAMPGROUND:  2nd night at Trail of Tears State Park
WEATHER:  Sunny.  High 74

After getting in my 10,000 steps around the park, we took off for today’s road trip.  Our plan was to go south on the east side of the Mississippi, then return on the west side, making a big loop.

From here in Missouri (State #1) we crossed over to Illinois (State #2) in Cape Girardeau.  The bridge here is very modern and sleek.

We drove along the Great River Road through some depressing-looking towns.  We have a brochure about the Great River Road, with suggestions of places to visit.  In Cairo, we stopped to visit the old Cairo Customs House, but it was closed.

The route took us deep into farm land.  The dark green winter wheat fields are beautiful.  Farmers are out planting new crops – looks like mostly corn and some rice.  We encountered some of the mammoth farm equipment on the narrow roads – a bit frightening, but people are friendly and stop to let others go by.

There were no restaurants to be had along our route in Illinois.  We then dipped south into Kentucky (State #3) over the Ohio River. 

Again, not much.  We finally found a little park in a town where we stopped and had a picnic.  It is handy that I keep our “pantry” in the back seat of the truck, so I pulled out crackers and a can of sardines. We also munched on some home-made beef jerky that we had bought at one of the Harvest Host farms.   Not too bad!

Kentucky didn’t last too long, and we were soon in Tennessee (State #4).  More farms, including some nice-looking horse ranches. 

We crossed back over the Mississippi River, back into Missouri.  All in all, it was a very nice day.  We were a bit disappointed, however, that much of the road does not get close to the river. 

In Cape Girardeau, we stopped at the town’s second brewpub.  This was delightful.  Their inside space is very cozy, with games set out and nice music.

Since the weather was nice, we chose to have our drinks outside. 

DINNER:  George got a fire going in the decrepit fire pit and grilled some hamburgers for our dinner.  I made a stir-fry with zucchini, onions, garlic, and a package of frozen mixed vegetables. 

Being Friday, the campground filled up.  We watched several new units come in during the evening hours. 

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