Day #67 – Napa Valley of Missouri?

LOCATION:  Near Ste. Genevieve, Missouri in SE part of state.  Near the Mississippi River
CAMPGROUND:  Chaumette Winery and Vineyard, a Harvest Host site.  We are parked in their “meadow” nestled next to the vineyards, in a grassy area.  Even though it has rained a lot, it was not muddy/soggy.   A very well-organized parking plan….with directional signs and signs showing the HH camping spots.  About 1/4 mile from their tasting  room.  Very nice winery and restaurant.  4 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Some rain overnight, and the sky looked like it would rain during the day but it did not.  High 76

Since we didn’t want to get to the winery too early, we stayed around Trail of Tears State Park all morning.  We enjoyed our Sunday morning ritual of George’s grits and eggs accompanied by “CBS Sunday Morning” on the TV. 

I took another long hike and picked up these flowers on the ground – fallen from the poplar tulip, a tree that only grows in this region.

To get to today’s winery, we drove through lots of back roads, including a 5-mile stretch of gravel, always worrisome.  But, we arrived to find a beautiful “wine resort.”  This operation is quite large.  In addition to the vineyards and winery,  it has several large lodges and cabins, all with a swimming pool.  It has its own church, where they do a lot of weddings.  The winery/restaurant is quite large with terrace dining. 

I had corresponded with the manager ahead of time who had emailed me a map, so we knew exactly where to go.  We drove past the winery/restaurant full of people enjoying wine and food on their terrace.  We could see that they were watching us, wondering where in the world an Airstream trailer was going as we passed them and drove into the woods. 

They have even put out picnic tables for our enjoyment.  There are 5 parking spots, but only one other RV with us tonight.

After getting set up, we walked up to the winery.  We passed the bonfire area that their lodging guests use.

We ordered a bottle Chambourcin wine and took it to the terrace to enjoy.  Many of the wineries in this region are not doing tastings, due to Covid.  They just sell glasses and bottles.  Most of the crowd had left by the time we arrived, so it was nice and relaxing. 

The view of the vineyards was beautiful

DINNER:  Since their kitchen closes at 6:00 on Sundays, we got our food “to go”.  Back in Joy’s coziness, we shared a flatbread pizza and a salad.  All quite good. 

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