Day #69. April showers bring May….showers!

LOCATION:  Holt’s Summit, Missouri in central part of state
CAMPGROUND:  Canterbury Hills Winery, part of Harvest Hosts.  Perched on a hill overlooking the vineyards.  Very pretty.  Large parking lot.  We had our choice of several parking spaces.  Highway near us was surprisingly quiet at  night.  Restaurant has good food and a beautiful patio.  4 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Yuck!  Rain rain rain almost all day.  High 63

We awoke to a dreary day with rain that just wouldn’t stop.  We left the Cave Winery in the rain.  Our GPS wanted to take us via St. Louis to this next spot. Not wanting that, we took backroads for miles and miles.  I always get a little scared with road names like “F” and “P” which we took most of the morning! 

The route took us through the Mark Twain National Forest, along the Missouri River on the Lewis and Clark Trail, and even a short distance on Historic Route 66!

In one town, I had a green arrow light to turn left.  As I made the turn,  a car didn’t stop coming from my side (probably texting) and almost hit Joy mid-way.  It was scary!

We arrived mid-afternoon and it finally quit raining, although it was still a bit gloomy and overcast.  The winery/restaurant here has a beautiful location – on a high hill overlooking a little lake and the vineyards.

There are a lot of neat, craggy rocks, too.

The views from our parking space are quite nice.

They have a huge parking space, which we had to ourselves

The big feature of this winery/restaurant is their beautiful patio.  They have a lot of weddings and other events here.

We did a wine-tasting, probably our last in Missouri on this trip.  They served a “tower” for tasting.  The 2 dry wines that are unique to Missouri are Norton and Chamourcin. 

DINNER:  We ate in their restaurant, as we always support the Harvest Host sites with our business when we stay with them.  We shared a platter of blackened catfish with a side of Caesar salad. 

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