Day #73 – “Travel is fatal…..”

LOCATION:  Near Hannibal, Missouri
CAMPGROUND:  3rd night at Indian Creek ACOE campground at Mark Twain Lake
WEATHER:  Rain – all day!  Cool.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on their accounts….”.  This is one of my favorite quotes from Samuel Clemmons aka Mark Twain.  He was spot on when he wrote that, and it is pertinent in today’s world, too.

We did a lot of Mark Twain things today…

First we went to his birthplace in a town called Florida. 

We had seen the edge of it yesterday from the pontoon boat on the lake.  There is a Mark Twain “shrine” in the remnants of the town, but it was closed today.

We did see a replica of his house.  He lived there until age 4, when the family moved to Hannibal, on the Mississippi River. 

We wanted a bite to eat before we sailed on the Mark Twain paddleboat for the afternoon tour.  Our choices were the Mark Twain Dinette and the Mark Twain Brewery.  Guess which one we chose??!!  Back to the brewery for a beer and their tacos.

Then, we hopped on the Mark Twain paddleboat. 

Being a gloomy, rainy day, there weren’t many people with us.

The captain gave an informative narrative as we sailed along.  There were several huge barges like this one on its way to pick up grain. 

This is the island where Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer hung out…

Then, we returned to the Hannibal dock

Two of the Harvest Host places where we will be staying next week called me to warn me about driving/parking conditions due to all the rain that we have had.  Something to worry about  (me, not George)!

Back at the campground, the rain finally let up a bit, enough for George to get a good fire going.  The trick was to store the wood in the back of the pick-up all day to keep it dry.

I did my delicious Nick Stellino meatballs recipe using some of the sausage from one of the Harvest Host farms where we stayed recently.  With more than enough meat for the meatballs, I made hamburgers (hamburger meat + Italian sausage) with the extra.  George grilled them over the fire.  I will freeze and use later.

When he doesn’t have a good grill to use at a campground, he places this wire grate on top of the fire pit so he can use it to move the meat around.  He had found this small Weber grill grate that some camper had left at a campground a while ago.  It works well – the openings are smaller, too, so the meat does not fall through.

DINNER:  While he was grilling the hamburgers, I made the Nick Stellino meatballs and sauce.  They really turned out well. In spite of my efforts to cut the recipe down, we still ended up with a LOT of meatballs!  Sides were a salad and a French baguette – the Take-N-Bake kind. 

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