Day #77 – Enjoying the Mississippi River area

LOCATION:  Dubuque, Iowa in east central part of state, on the Mississippi River
CAMPGROUND:  Stone Cliff Winery, part of Harvest Hosts.  More like a wine bistro.  Lovely setting near the river with outdoor seating.  Super easy parking in their  large parking lot.  Level and quiet (except for some trains).  Great location for walking along the levee.
WEATHER:  Beautiful.  Sunny.  High 75

It was a dark and stormy (and noisy) night, as they say.  Trains went by throughout the night and a big storm thundered around us.  Lots of lightning, too.  It rained really hard and the wind flapped our window screens.  We were again happy to discover no leakage from the rain this morning.   We are quite puzzled. 

We hung out at the Clark’s Ferry ACOE campground in the morning, again enjoying our view with the river traffic. 

I got in my steps by walking down nearby farm roads.  I saw a turtle, then 2 bunnies let me get quite close to them. 

Then, on to Dubuque, tonight’s stay.  We had to drive through Davenport which was busy with traffic, and a short ways on Interstate 80.  I-80 is almost as bad as I-10.  We saw an accident where a semi-truck bumped a car down in the ditch when the car was coming on to the highway.  The car had rolled and medics had just arrived.  Of course, this gave me visions of this happening to us! 

Needless to say, we arrived safely and got set up here.  We went in to the winery/bistro to have a glass of wine.  The building is an old brewery and is very interesting.

We sat outside to enjoy the weather and to take advantage of their excellent wifi

Our neighbors Rod and Gayle Brown from Retama Village live about an hour from here during the summer.  They joined us for dinner and wine at the winery. It was fun to catch up.  We shared some pizzas with them. 

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