Day #78 – Staying warm and cozy in a brewery!

LOCATION:  Petosi, Wisconsin
CAMPGROUND:  Petosi Brewery, a Harvest Host site.  We have been here before.  So easy to park in one of their large parking lots.  We are next to the event center across the street.  The staff in the brewery are some of the best we have ever experienced.  5 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  COLD!  Rain all day.  High 45
DISTANCE DRIVEN:  30 minutes

We walked along the Mississippi River levee at the Dubuque brewery where we stayed overnight until it started raining about 9:00 AM.  There were thousands of May-flies, mostly dead along the sidewalk. The robins were stuffing themselves happily. The flies come out, mate, then die, all within 24 hours, and always in May. The only other times we have seen them have been near the Mississippi, too. They must like it here.

With nothing much to do, we headed out.  We had only a 20-mile drive, across the Mississippi from Iowa to Wisconsin and a bit north. 

This is our 3rd time staying at Potosi Brewery.  It is very welcoming, and it is in a convenient location for stopping, yet away from highway noise.  It is on the Great River Road. 

To keep warm, we went in to the brew pub, sat at the bar, chatted endlessly with the bartender, and ate some hot soup for lunch.  We charged our devices and I did some internet work.  They weren’t busy and didn’t mind us hanging out.  We learned that all of their profits go to charity. 

In the afternoon, George napped under a ton of blankets while I read.  Then, back to the brewery to get warm again.  What a difference 24 hours makes!  Here is George yesterday at about 5:00 at the Dubuque wine bistro…

And, here I am at 5:00 today, wearing my gloves, scarf, 4 layers of clothes, and a rain jacket.  And COLD! 

The brewery houses the National Brewery Museum.  We took a self-guided tour.  There is a lot of beer memorabilia..

This is a picture depicting camping in Potosi along the river…  Just like us! 

Redeeming tickets from the museum, tour, George got 2 free beers.  We nursed our drinks very slowly at the bar, chatting this time with a different bartender, and ate a very slow, drawn-out dinner. 

DINNER:  As an appetizer, we ordered popcorn with bacon droppings.  Our main course was a portobello panini and baked potato. 

The atmosphere is very convivial.  Potosi is a small town, so everyone seemed to know everyone else.  Very homey. 

By the time we finished dinner, we were ready for an early bedtime, under the covers.  Thank goodness we have extras to pile on.  We both slept with our ski caps on.  They really do help retain the body heat. 

BOOK:  “Evidence” by Jonathan Kellerman.  One of his books in the Alex Delaware series.  Kellerman is a pretty good psychological thriller writer.  A page-turner.  4 stars out of 5

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