Day #80 – Back home (well, former home)!

LOCATION:  Rochester, Minnesota
CAMPGROUND:  Oxbow Park in Byron, outside of Rochester.  County park with a zoo along a river.  Very nice setting.  Some electric/water sites.  Nice bathrooms.  Picnic table and fire pit.  $28/night.  5 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Frigid in the AM, turning into a nice day.  High 65

It was freezing all night long, dipping to below freezing.  We kept warm under a big pile of blankets.  When we got up, we saw frost on the pick-up.  Wow – end of May!

To preserve our battery, we are not using Joy’s furnace.  Instead, we turned on the portable catalytic  heater.  George used it to warm up his coffee, too.

I found a hiking/bike trail near the brewery where we were staying and took a nice morning walk in the crisp air.  Then, we took off for Rochester.  The drive was beautiful, through lush fields.  The corn is just starting to come up.  We drove the Amish Byway.  The highway shoulders are wider than normal to accommodate the Amish people’s horses and buggies. 

We did see some buggies parked in the towns that we drove through, as the Amish bring vegetables, baked goods, and quilts to local Saturday farmers’ markets.

We arrived at our campground around noon and were able to set up.  We have stayed in this little park before.  Other times, there have been 4-5 RVs.  Being Memorial Day Weekend, it is jam-packed.  Lots of people out and about.  Lots of tents.  Every site has a campfire going.  Our site is beautiful – right next to the creek and nestled against some beautiful wildflowers. 

We went in to town and met with our daughter Alexis and her boyfriend Graham. We went to Abe’s, one of their favorite places for drinks and to pick up some vegan take-out for them.

Back at the campground, we made a fire, too and enjoyed the pleasant evening. 

DINNER:  Home-made soup.  I made this yesterday, in an attempt to warm up the trailer using the stove-top.  It was a vegetable cheesy potato soup:  I sauteed onions, garlic, carrots, celery, and summer sausage.  Then, I added beef broth, chunks of baked potato, a dollop of cream cheese, and some cheddar cheese.  It turned out great.  Sides were salads and a Take-N-Bake French baguette, crispy on the outside from the oven. 

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