Day #81 – Lovely Lanesboro

LOCATION:  Rochester, Minnesota
CAMPGROUND:  Oxbow Campground and Zoo
WEATHER:  Rain Rain Rain!!!  Cool.  High in the 50s

It rained quite a bit during the night and then continued almost all day.  Although unpleasant for us, it must have been just miserable for all the tenters.  Since we are trying to conserve battery, we didn’t run the heat and it was quite cool.

So, to escape the discomfort, we went in to town and did laundry.  Why not? 

Then, off to Lanesboro, a really cute little town in the rolling hills of southern Minnesota.  It is a popular tourist town, especially among motorcyclists and bicyclists.  There are lots of trails nearby.  The town has cute shops, restaurants, and bars.  We met up with a friend that I know via international studies programs at my alma mater.  She works in this restaurant, The Old Village Hall, that used to be the fire department and village hall. 

We had a superb lunch, thanks to her friend the chef/owner.  I had crostini  with salmon roe and smoked salmon…

George had their specialty hamburger and today’s  homemade tomato/bacon/chive soup…

Berta had a burger with blue cheese…..

Happily, it wasn’t raining in Lanesboro like in Rochester, so we walked around the quaint village some.

On the way back to Rochester, we stopped in a little town that has a nice brewery.  When we arrived, there were about 4 customers, including us.  A half hour later, it was packed with about 50!  A 79-year-old lady sat next to me.  She lives on a farm nearby and drops in here.  She talked my head off!   It reminded us of a local British pub, with locals gathering.  Very nice!

Then, even more socialization…..we stopped by a former co-worker’s house for wine.  We had planned to  sip a glass on her patio that overlooks some rolling hills.  The cold and rain put a damper on that, so we moved indoors.   It was good to talk with her and her husband.

Back at the campground, we faced a problem.  It appears that our battery is going.  George says that it has “lived” longer than expected.  We normally can go 3-4 days without electricity, but the reading today showed it was getting dangerously low.  Without the battery, we will have no water (as we need the water pump) and nothing can run…..e.g., the refrigerator.  I can use the propane gas stove, so I started cooking dinner, and filled up the tea kettle with water from the community pump, just in case. 

George found the campground host and told him about our dilemma.  It turns out that many tent campers left early due to the foul weather, and one of the RVers on a site with electricity left.  The host said we could move there.  Hooray! 

It was pretty comical…..George got us hooked up, the minimum amount possible, while I stored away pots and pans that I was in the middle of cooking with.  We moved to the new spot, plugged in, and are deliriously happy! 

DINNER:  Shrimp fajitas.  I sauteed shrimp, onions, and green peppers and flavored with fajita seasonings.  I spread that on tortillas and zapped in the microwave (as we have electricity!!!) with some cheese to melt.  Quite delicioso! 

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