Day #92 – Nice and easy, does it

LOCATION: Nelson, Wisconsin
WEATHER:  Still HOT.  High 96

We promised ourselves a slow, relaxing day.  All the time we were in Minnesota, we were running around.  We needed a day of quiet to re-charge.

The day consisted of: 1)  a really great shower in the park’s beautiful bathroom/shower house, 2) a load of laundry in the same shower house, 3) lots of reading, and 4) watching a really bad DVD. 

The highlight of the day was a visit to the (somewhat) famous Nelson Creamery. 

When we lived in Rochester, we liked coming over here for wine and cheese.  They also serve home-made ice cream, and are packed on summer weekends with tourists (especially cyclists) clamoring for cones.  For us, we enjoyed coming here during the winter and sipping wine in front of their roaring fireplace. 

Today we walked over in the late afternoon.  I had a chilled white wine and George tried a local beer.  (Turns out the beer is from the brewery where we will be staying next- in Black River Falls, WI)

We enjoyed quiet conversation in an almost empty bistro section of the creamery. Sexy jazz music played softly in the background.  (Louis Armstrong, Brazilian jazz combo). 

DINNER:  Round #2 of the mufallettas, New Orleans-style.  This time, I made them with dinner rolls, leftover olive spread, and different kinds of cheeses and Italian meats.  It made a nice meal on a hot, summer night. 

BOOK:  “Friend of the Devil: by Peter Robinson.  I keep coming back to this series about a detective in Yorkshire, England where we did a housesitting assignment.  I like the references to the pubs, landscape, and shops of that area.  4 stars out of 5

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