Day #93 – 3 months on the road

LOCATION:  Nelson, Wisconsin
CAMPGROUND:  Nelson Landing  RV Park
WEATHER:  A bit cooler.  High 93

Today marks 3 months on the road for this trip.  And it was a great day!  Art, fun, beer, and BBQ!

We drove on the Wisconsin side of the river down to Winona, MN, another river town.   Our goals were lunch and a visit to the Minnesota Maritime Art Museum. On our way, we stopped in Alma and drove up to Buena Vista Park, which really does have a “buena vista” of the river.  I was so afraid that George would fall overboard!

In Winona – first, lunch.  We went to Bub’s Brew Pub (pronounced boobs).  🙂

It doesn’t look like much from out the outside, but the food and beer are excellent.  We shared their special – baked (not fried) garlic Parmesan chicken wings.

As we left the restaurant, we were consulting our phone (map) to see how to get to the museum.  A man approached us, offering his assistance.  It turns out he is the mayor!  A super friendly guy.  He told us about the museum…..Most of the art had been a private collection of  the owner of Fastenal, a tool company that is based in Winona.  The Fastenal owner donated it to the city.  It is really something for a small town like this to have such a wonderful museum.   The mayor described how Winona is growing and showed us some new riverfront condos under construction.  Winona, a nice college town,  might make it on the list of towns/cities where we might settle one day. 

Then, on to the museum…

The museum was absolutely jaw-dropping!  Extremely well-done.  There are several galleries, including one on European maritime art.  These are just a few of the painters whose art was displayed:  Turner, Sisley, Monet, Manet, Degas, Gauguin, Cezanne, Seurat, Chagall, Picasso, Matisse, Toulouse-Lautrec, Gainsborough, and Renoir.  AMAZING!!!! 

Photos in the European art section were not allowed, but these are a few in the less famous painter section.,…

This famous one of Washington Crossing the Delaware was good….

Another gallery featured prominent American artists such as Andrew Wyeth, Georgia O’Keefe, Edward Hopper, and John Singer Sargent.  Again – WOW!

The museum is right on the Mississippi, and we watched some barges go by…..

After the museum, we drove back north on  the Minnesota side of the Mississippi to Wabasha where we stopped at the Hoppy Girl Brewery.

It was hopping! 

After a quick grocery store and gas station stop, we returned to the campground.  We walked a block to J&Js BBQ, a very popular place to which people drive from long distances for their grub. It is world famous!

We shared some ribs which were delicious.  I’m afraid we will have leftovers…

We don’t have TV reception here, so we watched a DVD in the evening.  Like many RV parks, this one has a “library” where campers can exchange books.  This one has boxes and boxes of DVDs, CDs, and books.  We traded in some of ours, and picked up some music CDs.  Who knew that we can play CDs on our DVD player?  We picked up several jazz and other nice listening music ones.  Joy has a good sound system, even with speakers in the bedroom!!!  

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