Day #94 – A great brewery overnight stay

LOCATION:  Black River Falls, Wisconsin
CAMPGROUND:  Sand Creek Brewery – in their loading dock area!  Harvest Host site.  Nice, paved, and level.  Additional “camping” available on grassy area.  In residential area.  Great beer and friendly staff.  4 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  The heat wave has finally broken.  High only 86

We enjoyed the amenities of Nelson Landing RV park until checkout at noon.  We only had a short drive today, through Wisconsin farmland.  Very scenic and bucolic.  The corn seems to have grown a foot in the week or so we have been in the Midwest.

Upon arrival, I went in to the brewery to see where to park and to sign in. A bachelorette party was in full swing in the tap room.  Soon after, a trolley came to pick up the partying ladies to take them to their next party spot.

George did a spectacular job backing up Joy, squeezing us into the loading dock area, right next to a semi-trailer.  The semi somewhat blocks the direct sun, which is good.

Since this brewery is quite well-known and distributes widely, we were expecting a fancy, modern operation.  We were wrong. It is very modest and is located in an old general store building.

We went in to the tap room to taste some beers.  George had a doppelbock and a chocolate oatmeal stout. I had their IPA.   George chatted up the brewmaster/bartender who subsequently gave him a tour of the cellar where they make and store the beer. 

While George was doing the tour and reading the history book about the brewery and building, I was on  my tablet, busily making some additional camping reservations.  We have some “holes” in our reservations in July and August, and I realize that I need to get the dates confirmed as everything is getting busier and busier.  I called one campground to get 2 nights, in the middle of a week, not a weekend.  The guy jokingly told me I should play the lottery today as it is my lucky day….I got the last  2 nights of the entire summer. 

Another Harvest Host couple arrived and parked near us.  They are camping “newbies” and this is their first Harvest Host stay.  They joined us in the tap room for a nice conversation.  They gave me a tip on a walking tour that I would love to make in Italy next year. 

DINNER:  Leftover Mediterranean restaurant food – chicken kabob, gyro meat, rice, pitas, with diced cucumbers in  tzasaski sauce.  It was cool enough to eat in Joy,  accompanied by  some of the beer George bought here at the brewery.  We always like to spend at least $30 at a Harvest Host site to support the hosts. 

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