Day # 95 – Nude camping? What? In Wisconsin????

LOCATION:  Near Chippewa Falls, in west central Wisconsin
CAMPGROUND:  Lake Wissota State Park.  Very woodsy and on lake.  Our site almost has a view of the lake.  Very private and quiet.  Electricity on site, with central water and dump station.   Old but clean bathrooms.  Level site with picnic table and fire pit..  Great hiking trails.  With daily pass, $48/night – too much.  4 stars out of 5.  (would have been 5 except for price)
WEATHER:  Beautiful!  High 86

At the brewery last night, we did not have electricity.  We opened up the windows on all 4 sides of the Airstream,  and enjoyed a lovely, cool breeze during the night.   Not bad at all!

Before it warmed up this morning, I walked around the town of Black River Falls (where we stayed at the brewery last night).  It is a cute town.  There are a lot of hanging flower baskets along the main street, and this cute flower “palette” in a public garden.

There are murals throughout the town describing the history of the town.

Folks here must be quite political.  I saw offices for both parties..

Then, we were off.  Our drive was short, but quite interesting.

Well, I never!!!!!!!     (especially in Wisconsin)………….

This was a first for us……..  We drove on a secondary road with several signs for campgrounds down by a nearby river.  One billboard caught our eye…..”5-star resort.  Adults 18+ only.  Sexual freedom.”  Of course, George had to google it to see what it is about.  It is called  NCN – No Clothes Necessary- Campground.  Luxury amenities, including an indoor recreation area with sex toys!!!!  Strict rules – no smoking, no intoxication, no drugs, no prostitution.  Nude sunbathing encouraged.  Rates are reasonable  at $25/night for full hook-up camp sites.  Daily pass for men is $75.  Hmmmm.  We won’t be staying there, though, as I wouldn’t be able to post any photos for this blog!  🙂

Not far away from the NCN campground, we encountered horse doo-doo along the side of the road.  That is always a sign that Amish are nearby.  Sure enough, we soon saw one of those road signs warning you to watch for their horse and buggies. 

The third interesting experience driving today was a car that had just crashed and rolled over down a hill.  A cow was meandering nearby.  We think the cow drifted into the road and the driver swerved to miss it.  It could have been us – happened just minutes before we came upon the wreck.  Police were soon on their way.

The fourth sighting on today’s trip was gruesome and sad…..We saw a deer’s leg hanging up straight off a fence.  He must have been trying to jump a fence when he got trapped in it.  He was hanging (dead) sort of upside down.  So sad-looking. 

The fifth interesting thing is we passed through a town whose claim to fame is that it is halfway between the Equator and the North Pole.

Finally, the 6th (WOW!!) notable event was an old-fashioned tractor pull, outside of a little town we passed through. 

After all that road excitement, we arrived at this state park.  Now, this is camping!  We are back in the woods with hardly any neighbors.  Campfire smoke in the air.  The butterfly garden at the entrance was a welcoming sight. 

Our site is quite nice.  Since it is shaded and there is a nice breeze off the lake, it is very pleasant. 

We took a hike down to the beach.  We will explore more trails tomorrow. 

DINNER:  A recipe I made up…..We had bought a smoked trout at the Rochester Farmers’ Market that I wanted to use.  I boned the fish (quite tedious).  I used about 3/4 of the fish and am saving the last bit to make a smoked trout spread for crackers, for the future.  For tonight’s dinner, I sauteed some onions, lots of garlic, and mushrooms.  I added the fish and stirred in a little cream cheese and added a little white wine and olive juice.   I cooked it until the cheese had melted into a light sauce.  It was quite tasty, I must say.  I served this over pasta.  Side was a salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, and mixed greens. 

First course was hiyayako.  This is a dish popular in the summer in Japan.  It is cubed, chilled, firm tofu with a sauce made of sake, rice vinegar, soy sauce, and a pinch of sugar.  It is then sprinkled with tiny bits of scallions and sesame seeds. 

BOOK:  “The Kiss Quotient” by Helen Hoang.  I am almost embarrassed to say that I read this.  Someone recommended it to me.  It is about a woman who is autistic who hires an “escort” to teach her how to have sex.  There are some cute parts, but quite predictable and graphic.  2 stars out of 5.

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