Day #97. Zig-zagging around Wisconsin

LOCATION:  Taylors Fall, Minnesota – right on the MN/WI line northeast of Minneapolis
CAMPGROUND:  Interstate State Park.  We are right on the St. Croix River.  Some sites have water views. Electricity at site.  Central water and dump station.  Old, but clean bathrooms/showers.  Short site and almost level.  Firepit and picnic table.  Somewhat close to other sites, for a state park.  $45/night – way too much.  3 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Another gorgeous day.  Sunny.  High 82

I just love this cooler weather.  I explored another trail while we were still at Wissota State Park, almost getting lost, and got in 18,000+  steps!  I just cannot hike in hot weather, so I had to make up for previous laziness!  George joined me for part of the hike.

We took advantage of the late check-out time, and drove about a mile to a lakefront restaurant for lunch.  It was lovely to watch the boats out on the lake.

Then, we were off again, going north most of the way.  I am skittish passing vehicles on 2-line highways.  Today, I got behind some very slow farm equipment twice.  Once I had to steel myself and passed him.  The other one, thankfully, turned down a side road. 

The secondary roads were pretty good, and I drove the speed limit – 55.  At one point, I was startled as a car came zooming up behind me and passed me, with only inches to spare to avoid hitting an oncoming car.  That other driver must have been super frightened!  What a (bad word here)! 

There are two Interstate State Parks – one in Wisconsin and one in Minnesota.  They are called Interstate, not because of the highway, but because of their locations next to each other.  Thank goodness, we had directions to the correct one.  The ranger said he has to redirect campers every day.  We are on the St. Croix River, popular for canoeing.  This campground has a different vibe – mostly young people in small RVs or tents. 

Our site has a view of the river, which is nice. We sat outside with cocktails and nibbled on crackers with a spread I made with smoked trout (left from the night that I used most of the smoked trout for a main course). 

DINNER:  When we were in Rochester, I bought a bunch of frozen items from Trader Joe’s, as shopping there is a treat for us.  Tonight I made their Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe.  It is just about my favorite Italian dish – pasta in a Pecoroni cheese sauce with black pepper.  I made this once while we were housesitting in Italy.  The  key is getting fresh pasta and cheese, much easier to do in Italy!  Side was a salad.  I made a pesto salad dressing that went well with it. 

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