Day #98 – On beautiful St. Croix River

LOCATION:  Taylor Falls, Minnesota
CAMPGROUND:  Interstate State Park
WEATHER:  Beautiful.  Sunny.  High 87

I took a hike on the Walter Mondale River Trail, whose trailhead is just steps from our trailer’s door.  It follows the river up to the boulders with a lot of pretty overlooks.

It is very rocky, and rock-climbing is popular

The trail is very rocky, too.    I was so glad I had my walking stick with me.  It is the kind of trail that you have to plan each step.  It was scarier coming down, as I am always afraid that I will twist my ankle. 

We spent most of the morning perched at our picnic table enjoying the view of the river.   This tourist paddleboat sailed right by us..

George did some RV puttering work and I inventoried my “emergency” food box to see what is lurking there – for future meal planning.

Then, we were off to explore.  We had some errands to run, and then found the town’s brewery (of course!)

It seemed to be popular among cyclists.  From there, we checked out the neighborhing towns of St. Croix Falls (WI) and Taylor Falls (MN). 

Back at the campground, George made a fire for tonight’s dinner.  We noticed our neighbors packing up…around 7:00 PM.  A bit strange.  They must have paid for an extra night, just to be able to enjoy a full day/evening here.  We are not complaining!  It now gives us a perfect, unobstructed view from our campsite!

DINNER:  Chimichurri rice and vegetables – another purchase from Trader Joe’s.  I added a chopped up brat that George warmed up for me on the fire.  While he had the fire going, I cooked a package of soy chorizo (also a nod to Trader Joe’s).  I will use it for tacos in the near future. I actually prefer the soy version to the meat kind – less greasy.   When he has a good fire going, I like to cook meats for future meals, so that I don’t have to cook meat/chicken/fish inside the trailer.  (It is just a quirky thing for me, I guess).  Side was corn. 

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