Day #99 – Champagne memories!

LOCATION:  Near Drummond, Wisconsin
CAMPGROUND:  Two Lakes Campground, part of Chequamegon National Forest.  Very serene and woodsy.  As the name says, it straddles two lakes.  We have a lake-view site.  No services.  Dump station and central water.  Site is level, with firepit and picnic table.  $11.50/night with senior pass.  Vault toilets (clean).  For NFS -type campgrounds  — – 5 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Very nice.  High 84

This morning, still at Interstate State Park in Taylor Falls, MN, I explored another trail called the Railway Trail.  It is the railway’s old rail bed.  (You can see the remainder of the bridge behind this sign.) At the beginning of the hike, the old railway bridge collapsed many years ago, so it requires a hiker to hike down-down-down, then of course – up, up, up!

Once on top of the ridge, it is a nice and level trail through the woods.

The trail ends in the town of Taylor Falls at the old railway station.

Our 3-hour drive was nice and uneventful, although some of the roads were quite bumpy, shaking us up and creating a tsunami inside Joy, I’m afraid.

This is the first night in this trip so far that we have camped without a reservation.  This place is pretty remote, and being a weekday, we were pretty certain that we would be ok.  And, we were.  We drove around the campground, being quite picky, and found this lovely spot.  We are right on the water, and even have steps down to the lake.

This campground holds a special memory for us…….In August, 2013, after working my last day,  George picked me up at my office.  We were off!   Our planned destination was Madelaine Island.  Being very naive, we didn’t have any reservations.  When we were near Drummond, we called the park and learned that there were no vacancies at the campground, and that the ferry was fully booked.  We drove a few more miles, and saw the sign for this campground, so pulled in.  Our most vivid memory of the campground were the mosquitos.  But, we were happy – we were retired!  We were now on the road!!!

So, in honor of the return to this campground and the start of ReidsOnTheRoad, we celebrated with champagne.  Here is George popping the cork…

And POP!

George toasts our travels! 

And, I celebrate with Joy, too!

Mosquitos aren’t an issue this time, but there are large flies (the host called them deer flies), that are quite annoying, but at least they don’t bite.  George got a fire going to keep them at bay.

DINNER:  Continuing our celebration theme, we had sauteed scallops in garlic butter.  Sides were mushroom risotto and salads, all paired with the rest of the champagne.  Yum, yum!

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