Day #101 – A day on Madeline Island

LOCATION:  Bayfield, Wisconsin
CAMPGROUND:  Apostle Islands Area Campground
WEATHER:  Cloudy, but nice.  Cooler.  High 70

It turned quite cooler overnight – time to bring out the long pants again! 

We went in to Bayfield and checked out the farmers’ market.  It is still a bit early here for many vegetables.  We did buy a loaf of bread from a local bakery.

The town is so pretty.  There are a lot of B&Bs with beautiful flower gardens.

The shops have cute window boxes, too

Then, we hopped on the ferry to go to Madeline Island.  It is the largest of the Apostle Islands, and has a population of 250 people year-’round.  In the summer, that swells to about 1000 daily.  This ferry was returning to the mainland – I spotted this old Airstream on its way…

The ferry ride is only about 20 minutes.  Some people take their cars, but it is a little spendy for that.  We just walked around.  Indians, of course, first settled the island and it was a bustling commercial fur-trading spot in the 1600s.  Signs are in both English and in their language..

The flowers here are beautiful, too

We strolled around the town and marina.

Then, to “Tom’s Burned Down Cafe” for a drink.  The place used to be a restaurant, but when it burned down, Tom revived it into a quirky bar.  With Caribbean music playing, we really did feel like we were on an island.  We had a delicious Bloody Mary with a beer back.

The bar has funny signs posted all around, and this car decorated with beads and odd bits…

One of the main restaurants on the island was having its grand opening for the summer.  They served tacos out on their lawn.  We joined mostly locals for a nice lunch.

More strolling….We came across this art gallery and peeped inside.  What a great idea…..They have “Wisconsin’s Smallest Bar” inside the gallery.

Customers look at the artwork while sipping on a wine or beer.  A musician was just setting up.

If we were staying overnight, this would have been a great place to hang out for hours. But alas, we had to return.  We hopped on the ferry again…

We said farewell to the island.  It was a beautiful visit.

The trip back was also nice.  There were lots of sailboats out…

Then, the town of Bayfield welcomed us back.  I have seen photos of this view in the fall with the beautiful autumn colors.  They have a very popular apple festival in early October, which would be fun.

In the winter when the ice is frozen, an ice road allows people to drive across the lake to Madeline Island.  They said it was opened last winter for 48 hours only, and then a crack developed.   Before global warming (we heard 2018), the road was open for several weeks each winter.

DINNER:  I keep pulling out some of the fun frozen food I bought at Trader Joe’s while in Rochester.  Tonight was Indian spinach paneer.  I served it with some leftover rice and chicken kabobs, and pita.  I made a side salad with diced cucumbers in Greek yogurt, seasoned with cumin and lemon juice. 

We don’t have any TV reception here, so we watched several Rick Steves DVDs.  A very relaxing evening…

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