Day #102 – A wet day on Lake Superior

LOCATION:  Bayfield, Wisconsin
CAMPGROUND:  Apostle Islands Area Campground
WEATHER:  Cooler – HIgh 59.  Rain most of the day

We took a drive along the north coast of Lake Superior, stopping at a national lakeshore park where kayakers were unloading their kayaks after having rowed to and camped at one of the islands.  Looks like a lot of work….and in the rain and cold!

We were planning a hike that is supposed to be quite scenic, but the description sounded a bit too challenging in the rain (slippery).  So, instead, we went to a distillery!  Why not!??

It is on an Indian reservation and the owners are from the Ojibwa tribe.  It was fun talking with the owner and servers – all teachers working there when school is out.  I had their Bloody Mary – almost a meal in itself!

We found a place in town for lunch, and shared a whitefish sandwich.  The seafood here is so good. 

Then, we drove south of town and took a hike, even in the rain.

The trail ended at Lake Superior.  Very nice!

Back at the campground, it continued to rain so we just hunkered down.  We had some local smoked whitefish/trout spread for an appetizer.  So tasty!

DINNER:  The last of the mufuletta mix.    I’m afraid the jar that George bought (a long time ago in an unsupervised shopping moment) was huge, so it has taken a while to get through it.  I used the bread that I bought yesterday in the farmers’ market and added Italian sausage slices and cheese to the sandwich.  Since it was chilly, I toasted the sandwiches before serving.  Side was a salad. 

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